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Tips For Coping with Stress in a Healthy Way

Stress is an unpleasant yet very real part of life. We all experience it on some level, whether due to work, other people, or internal feelings of worry. The fact is that stress isn’t inherently bad. A little stress can work as motivation for keeping us on our toes, prepared, and alert for what’s coming in life. 


The problems begin to happen when stress becomes limitless. When we allow stress into our lives at an unmanageable rate, it builds, and serious issues can follow. 


Understanding what stress is and how to manage it is key to a healthier and happier life. National Stress Awareness Day is an effort to shed light on this crucial topic. It’s an official way to shed light on something that most people need to work on and manage daily. 

What Is National Stress Awareness Day?

National Stress Awareness Day is an annual event recognized on the first Wednesday in November. In 2021, it will take place on November 3rd. 


The entire day is dedicated to helping people not only recognize the signs of excessive stress but find strategies for managing it healthily and helpfully. Life is filled with situations out of our control, but that doesn’t mean stress has to be one of them.


There are many different ways to manage stress that can easily fit a person’s lifestyle and needs. Understanding stress-reducing options and strategies can be empowering in and of itself!


The International Stress Management Association (ISMA), a registered charity, sponsors National Stress Awareness Day each year. ISMA provides expert advice on well-being and stress management that’s recognized as effective on national and international levels. 


The concept of a National Stress Awareness Day was first created and implemented by Carole Spiers. As chairperson of ISMA, Spiers had long been looking for an effective way to help people pinpoint different types of stress and reduce the negative impacts of stress on professional and personal platforms.


Creating a National Stress Awareness Day was a good fit within the organization’s plethora of other stress-busting initiatives. ISMA consistently uses data-backed strategies to create workplace stress-reducing programs, craft stress monitoring guides for individuals, and help all age groups deal with stress that sneaks up daily. 


National Stress Awareness Day highlights that chronic stress can be detrimental to the body and the mind. A prolonged and consistent experience with stress can quickly become a serious issue. 


Learning how to manage that experience can be vital in getting your life back on track and embracing well-being. It’s no mistake that National Stress Awareness Day is held on a Wednesday — often seen as one of the most stressful days of the week. 


It’s a chance to give Wednesday a more positive boost and take control of the stress that has built up, perhaps without your consent.

Causes and Symptoms of Stress 

By its most basic definition, stress is the human body’s natural response to experiencing pressure of any type. This pressure might be anything from fear to worry. When pressure is encountered, the body either fights back or retreats. Both responses have the potential to elevate stress levels further.


While many signs and symptoms are associated with stress, some common signs stand out from the rest. Stress often presents alongside restlessness, irritability, worry, and difficulty focusing. 


Stress can quickly cause a person to feel overwhelmed with basic activities. This feeling may lead to impulsive decisions that people wouldn’t otherwise make under calm and collected circumstances.

Positive and Effective Strategies for Managing Stress 

National Stress Awareness Day is 24 hours set aside to face these symptoms of stress head-on and combat them using various strategies and resources. Among the many options out there, exercise is often pointed to as a primary tool for beating the effects of stress.


Even light exercise can be beneficial for helping the mind and body combat symptoms of stress. Exercise increases heart rate and encourages blood flow to the brain. More oxygen is delivered to the bloodstream as the body breathes more rapidly due to an increased heart rate. 


Exercise is also shown to help encourage the release of dopamine and serotonin. This release can improve mood and sleep cycles as stress is reduced. Laughter is also highlighted as a great way to beat stress daily. Incorporating laughter into your life comes with a variety of stress-reducing benefits!


Laughter has been shown to reduce stress hormones which ultimately improves cellular functionality over the long term. More productive cells can help boost a healthy immune system while simultaneously encouraging the release of endorphins. These feel-good chemicals contribute to an overall feeling of well-being.


Additionally, many people find that boosting their mood through supplements like PureBalance™ Serotonin can significantly help them manage stress levels.* 

This supplement provides the body with the raw material required to create that all-important serotonin. Serotonin enhances mood, encourages immune strength, and ultimately reduces the effects of stress.*  


When used in tandem with exercise and laughter, the effects can be exciting and positive! Taking control of stress in this way is a healthy way to work towards your well-being.*

The Importance of National Stress Awareness Day

Life moves quickly, and knowing how to manage stress healthily is smart when you want to make the most of it. National Stress Awareness Day is a great moment to step back and evaluate areas where stress might be excessive in your life.


It’s also an opportunity to look at customized solutions to reducing stress overall. When you find ways to lower stress levels, you’ll find you’re not only more productive but likely happier too!


Taking time to relax a little, unwind, and reduce stress is a good way to grow as a person, fill life with meaning and make more of those moments that stress tries to dominate. 


No, you can’t control everything, but you can manage your stress response. National Stress Awareness Day is an excellent time to restore the happiness and peace of mind you deserve. 

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