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Top 10 ways to make the most of your summer before it’s over!

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A Swedish proverb rightly says, “Life without love is like a year without summer.” Be it the sweet songs of the swallows making their way across the tropics or the blooming of daisies, summer always brings a smile on thousands of faces every year. It’s the time when the sun shines down upon us in all its glory almost as if to tell us to venture out and try everything that we couldn’t before. As this year’s summer is coming to a close, we at QOL would love to remind you of all the things that you can still do to make the most of the rest of your summer. The end of summer also marks the beginning of school days for some. Here are some ways to ensure a delightful, productive, and eventful summer for you and your kids:

1) Be a tourist in your own city!

The gloomy winter makes us lazy and dull. Summer, on the other hand, is the best time to visit parks, museums and zoos in the city as the days are longer enabling more outdoor hours. No matter how long one may have lived in a particular city, there will always be new things to do and sights to see. So, grab that friend who always wanted to explore the rich heritage and culture of your neighborhood and drive down to learn about modern art, natural history or just sculptures. This expedition may also add value to the lives of the kids in the form of a fun way to learn things.

2) Do a day at the water park or the nearest beach!

The weather can never get better for a visit to the nearest water park with the kids. The sheer thrill of spending the day gliding down those water slides or just floating around in a tube, really makes for a fantastic family outing. Building sand castles at the beach or just splashing around in the sea can be fun too! Make the most of the summer because the tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

3) Try a summer camp for the kids!

One thing that most parents are keen to do is to ensure their children learn something new every summer while also having fun. Go ahead and enroll your kids in small summer camps or workshops and teach them new skills while also giving them a chance to make new friends this summer. Is your child a sports person? Teach him/her how to paint this summer. Is your child heavily into creatives? Teach him/her to change a car tire this summer. Summer camps happen all over the country and give kids a chance to become independent, productive, and even opinionated.

4) Never too late for a family picnic!

Take this opportunity to spearhead and organize an outdoor family gathering. Appoint representatives from different parts of the extended family who would each be responsible for the attendance of their respective parts of the family. This will ensure a successful count of people for a delightful meal at a favorite restaurant or out in the park! If you plan to set up shop out in the sun, make sure to carry sunscreen, a blanket to spread on the grass, bottled beverages, paper napkins, trash bag, extra cutlery, mini condiments with food and of course something to do while you’re there. A board game or a pack of cards with the family is always a good idea.

5) Take a vacation already!

Whether it’s just a weekend getaway to that perfect spa resort or an extensive trip across the globe, summertime always works! This summer, don’t hesitate to book that dream holiday that you have always been thinking of. Take a trip with the kids to travel far and wide as it will teach them about different cultures, languages, cuisines, people and more. Dalai Lama once said, ‘Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.” It truly broadens horizons.

6) Who doesn’t love barbecue night?

Plan a beautiful barbecue out in the yard or by the pool. Light up an open fire and get those veggies out! It’s a great way to get the family together over some potato salad or coleslaw as sides. Some favorite items to barbecue include brisket, pork chops, ribs, sausages, and corn topped with a variety of sauces.

7) Learn something new with your kids this summer:

Having some spare time also means that there is a chance to learn something every summer. You can join your kids for activities like starting a book club or a theatre workshop or just simple things like learning the constellations at home. Summer also gives a chance to help out in the kitchen or learn some new recipes. Trading an hour of TV to start writing a journal also seems like a great idea.

8) Catch a sunrise or a sunset!

Sunrises in the summer may happen early but they’re definitely worth waking up for. Plan a morning jog with your dog(s) and drag your kid(s) along. They may not be too enthused  initially but they will thank you towards the end. Watching the gleaming sun glide along the sky and brighten up the whole world really makes for a great start to the day. People also start their meditation or yoga exercises during that time. Sunsets are equally charming as they are associated with a smooth ending to a tiring day. The beach might be a great place to catch the sunset with your feet sunk in the sand and some seashells in your pockets.

9) Go for a nature walk:

These summery months are good times to visit botanical gardens or just walk through scenic areas of the city. Grab a satchel, some rugged sneakers, a cap, sunscreen, water and enjoyable company to hike amidst green landscapes. It won’t hurt to catch butterflies at work or sunflowers blooming towards the sky. If you’re lucky you may also hear the squirrels gnawing on their acorns or bees buzzing about to collect nectar. All in all, it’s a wonderful sight!

10) Try an outdoor concert or a sporting event:

Summer signifies the presence of open air movie screenings, live concerts at the park, and even baseball games. Make sure you take a note of the schedule for such events in advance in order to plan your days accordingly. Watching your favorite artist perform live with a cold beverage in hand does not seem like the worst idea. Grab a few friends to go cheer your favorite teams at some of the best stadiums in the country. This summer experience is definitely worth the while!

We at QOL, hope this list gives you a helping hand in planning the rest of your summer with friends and family. Make the most of it while it lasts! Have a great rest of the summer!

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