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Try These 7 Green Ideas for America Recycles Day

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America Recycles Day is currently the only recognized day of the year dedicated to encouraging our fellow Americans to go hard on going green. From recycling our own products all the way to buying items made from recycled materials, there are a myriad of ideas we can do not just to celebrate this great day, but to help our country (and the planet!) stay clean and beautiful.

To help you get started, we compiled a list of 7 ways you can recycle and upcycle this America Recycles Day!

Carton recycling

We've been actively cutting down on plastics in recent years and to say that it's working is an understatement. Sure, the change may not seem much, but the fact that many food and beverage packaging are now in cartons instead of hard plastic can make a ton of difference if millions of people make the switch.

However, then comes the problem of what to do with all the cartons we have lying around. One way to get rid of them in the greenest fashion ever is by contacting a nearby carton recycling plant. This website has some great resources for carton recycling.

Give your old clothes and household textiles

No matter how many clothes we buy, we'll always want a new one. So, where do our old clothes go? Unfortunately, many of them get thrown out and end up in a landfill (or burned in a furnace!). When you think about it, many people need clothes on their backs, so why not hit two birds with one stone and go green while also helping a fellow American in need! Find a local clothing recycler or contact your local government to find out where you can donate.

Ask the children to participate

Making children learn the value of reusing and recycling can go a long way, especially if every adult would take time to educate their children. After all, our kids are the future, so we should pass on our recycling habits before they develop wasteful ones.

One way to get your town involved is to ask their schools to hold events or programs that will entice kids to recycle on their own. It could be a small class project or an all-out DIY contest using plastic and other recyclable goods i.e. bags made of discarded straw.

Bring your own eco bag

There used to be a time when everyone had a stockpile of old grocery bags because every supermarket and convenience store would give a new one to every customer. Times are changing. We've recognized the harm excess plastic does to the environment. One of the many ways we can help reduce plastic even more, is by simply bringing our own reusable "eco bags" or grocery bags made of cloth or recyclable materials.

Eco bags are not a pain to carry, and we'll go home carrying something anyway, so might as well make it our own. And you don't have to bring the dull, white or yellow ones. Get creative and use eco bags of different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Join a recycling event in your area

Remember those tree planting activities we used to do as part of our school curriculum? If you enjoyed them or have an urge to get down and dirty for nature, why not join a recycling event? You don't have to go outside your house or neighborhood to do it, as many events these days can be done virtually.

Repurpose old furniture

Most American families keep an assortment of old (and sometimes cobweb-laden) furniture either in their attic or in their basement. Instead of just letting them remain as they are for years, why not give them new life and turn them into new furniture? This website has a lot of ideas, such as turning a cabinet into a kitchen stand, reworking a discarded door into a headboard, and even an old ladder being used as a towel stand.

Now that we think about it, perhaps this day is the perfect time to live your DIY dreams.

Upcycle for your garden

What better way to give back to nature than to use old, discarded materials as something that would encourage plants and flowers to grow.

Boots and other old shoes can be used as pots. Just drill a hole or two in the bottom, and it works! Barrels can also fill this role, and you can even paint them to look like something more fun than an old barrel or oil drum. If you have a surplus of wine corks you've wanted to throw away for some time, you can use them to build a birdhouse instead!


America Recycles Day is the one day of the year where everyone can have the opportunity to give back to the world by recycling and upcycling. There are a lot of ways you can participate, and they don't have to be anything major or something that would cost money. It's the little things that, when done every day, have a lot of effect in the long term, and recycling is no different. Just make sure to get into the spirit of the holiday, and most importantly, don't forget to have fun!

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