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Want Less Aches and Pains This Year? Find Out How with These 5 Tips

As you ring in the New Year, you may want to finally figure out how to alleviate the aches and pains you feel in your body. Joint problems can dampen the joy of the holidays and the upcoming New Year. Luckily, we have some tips to help you live with less joint stiffness, aching, and pain. 


At Quality of Life, we offer two premium joint health supplements: Cartiquil® and Curcumin-SR™. These products help your body fight the debilitating pain of joint issues by boosting your overall joint health.* With these supplements in your daily health regimen, you will be ready to take on the New Year without pesky joint aches.* 

Do Low-Impact Exercises

One of the best ways to protect your joint health is to engage in low-impact exercises. These are physical activities that do not put excess strain and impact on your joints. Activities like walking, swimming, and biking are considered low-impact exercises. They still boost your health and aid in weight loss, but without the detriment to your bones. 


When you participate in high-intensity workouts, it can harm your joint health. Over time, your joint padding will wear down from the impact of these exercises. That leads to stiffness, aching, and persistent pain in your joints. Tone down some of your workout sessions by engaging in low-impact, enjoyable physical activities. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese can add pressure and strain to your joints. This is because your joints must hold the weight of your entire body and still be functional. While it can be easier said than done, maintaining a healthy weight will help your joints immensely. Even small reductions in body fat can lead to healthier joints. 


Weight loss is a health journey and lifestyle. If you have positive motivation to lose weight, you are more likely to lose it and keep it off in the long run. Losing weight for your joint health is an excellent motivator to keep in mind. You will suffer from fewer aches and pains if you maintain a healthy weight. 

Build Your Strength

Your joints and muscles work together to support your body and keep it in motion. When you build plenty of lean muscle mass, your joints do not have to work as hard to support your weight. This is especially true for your back and spine. Focus on strength-building exercises to give your joints some relief. 


Core strength is especially important for supporting your back. If you build up your core muscles, your back and spine receive far less strain from your weight and daily activities. You will likely notice less joint pain in your spine if you build up your core. 

Take Joint Health Supplements

A nutritious diet is not always easy to maintain if you have a busy lifestyle. Supplements can add essential nutrients to your body without the hassle of meal planning. Cartiquil® and Curcumin-SR™ are high-quality joint health supplements that support bone health and pain relief.* 


Cartiquil® contains celery seed extract and supports regeneration of cartilage near your joints.* Cartilage is the cushion that protects your joints from rubbing together and causing pain. Aging, injuries, and other health conditions can cause your cartilage to degenerate, causing aches and pains. Cartiquil® starts working after about seven days of use and helps to protect existing cartilage while rebuilding other tissues.* 


Curcumin-SR™ contains the active compound found in yellow turmeric. Turmeric has natural inflammatory response regulation properties. Curcumin-SR™ incorporates curcumin directly, which helps regulate inflammatory responses and fight against aging.* Your joints and the surrounding tissues can become damaged over time due to oxidative stress and aging. Curcumin-SR™ helps fight against these problems while keeping your joints comfortable.*

Know Your Mobility Limits

While it is great to work out regularly, you should be careful not to push too hard during your exercises. If you constantly overdo it during workouts, your joints and cartilage could suffer in the long run. High-impact exercise and “working through the pain” can prematurely age your joints and cause chronic joint pain. Overexercising can be just as bad for you as no exercise at all. Make sure to get plenty of rest in between your workouts. 


Range of motion also plays a role in your mobility. As we age, our joints and muscles begin to break down, causing stiffness. You may find that you cannot move as swiftly or fluidly as you used to. This is an important time to listen to your body. You should not feel excessive pain after physical activity; if you do, it means you may have overdone it. You can work on improving your mobility with low-impact stretches and exercises aimed at making you more flexible. 

Bonus Tip: Get Plenty of Calcium 

Calcium is an essential component of a healthy diet, especially for joint health. Most people get their calcium supply from dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. If your calcium intake is too low for too long, you risk losing bone density as you get older. Severe calcium deficiencies can impact your teeth and joints, rapidly degenerating them. To keep your bones healthy and strong, make sure to get enough calcium in your diet. 

Quality of Life Joint Health Support

At Quality of Life, we care about your well-being. We want to help you achieve your goals during the New Year. That is why we offer premium joint health supplements Cartiquil® and Curcumin-SR™. If you want to control your body’s inflammatory response, promote healthy cartilage regeneration, and protect your joints against further damage, these supplements can help you.* 


Healthy lifestyle choices can support your joint health, but these choices are not always accessible to everyone. That is why supplements help maintain health and wellness. At Quality of Life, we only use research-based ingredients that have been shown to provide significant health benefits. You can go into the New Year with confidence and comfort by taking care of your joint health. 


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