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Warm Up This Winter with Oligonol®

Blankets and fireplaces are great ways to stay cozy, but Oligonol® can warm you up from the inside out, so you can bring that cozy feeling everywhere you go.*

Key Takeaways:

  • Feeling chilly isn’t always about the weather. Discover how you can warm up this winter with Oligonol®*
  • Circulation and body temperature go hand in hand. Oligonol® can thaw out your freezing fingers with its circulation-boosting effects*
  • In addition to a warmer winter, Oligonol® can improve your heart health and skin condition while reducing fatigue*

Have you become one of those poor souls who is constantly freezing? Discover the circulation and warmth-boosting effects of Oligonol® today!*

Table of Contents:

  • Why Am I Always Cold?
  • What Are the Symptoms of Poor Circulation?
  • How Can I Naturally Improve my Circulation?
  • How Can Oligonol® Keep Me Warm This Winter?*
  • What Are the Health Benefits of Increased Circulation?
  • Boost More than Your Internal Temperature with Oligonol®* 

Why Am I Always Cold?

Everyone has a personal temperature preference, but when you need a stack of blankets to maintain your warmth, there may be a reason beyond individual choice.

If you’re struggling to maintain your body temperature, it’s worth asking yourself if your internal chill is out of proportion to your surroundings. If so, schedule a visit with your healthcare provider. 

People may always feel cold due to reduced iron levels and poor circulation. Those with decreased circulation will often feel cold, especially in their hands and feet. 

What Are the Symptoms of Poor Circulation?

Suppose that you’ve experienced the “pins and needles” sensation in your extremities after maintaining a body position for too long. In that case, you know the feeling that comes with a lack of circulation. 

Decreased circulation often appears as tingling in the extremities, especially the fingers or toes. Other symptoms of poor circulation are muscle cramping and coldness. 

When your blood doesn’t flow through your body normally, it will shift its focus to supplying blood to your central organs, causing the temperature of your extremities to lower, creating a cold sensation.

How Can I Naturally Improve my Circulation?

You can increase your circulation naturally, improving blood flow and warming yourself up from the inside out.


Exercise can quickly improve your blood flow, especially in your lower body. In addition, you can improve your circulation by walking, biking, or engaging in other low-impact activities without requiring strenuous effort.


Dehydration leads to sodium retention, thickening the blood and making healthy circulation more difficult. Increasing water consumption can help the body stay hydrated and maintain proper blood circulation. 

Boost Your Diet

Heart-healthy foods like leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and Omega-3s can improve your blood flow and circulation.

Supplement with Oligonol®

Quality of Life’s Oligonol® is clinically researched and demonstrated to relax the blood vessels and enhance circulation.* Oligonol® contains polyphenols extracted from lychee fruit and green tea, with benefits that include improving circulation and raising skin temperature.*

Choosing to add Oligonol® to your everyday routine can keep you warm this winter and your body functioning at its best all year round!*

How Can Oligonol® Keep Me Warm This Winter?

The science behind Oligonol® begins with phenolic-rich foods.* Polyphenols are plant compounds that include phenolic acids, lignans, flavonoids, and stilbenes. 

They work as antioxidants in the body, combating environmental harm and protecting the body’s systems, specifically the neurological and cardiovascular systems. 

The lychee fruit of China and southeast Asia contains a high concentration of A-type proanthocyanidin, which protects the heart and cardiovascular system. 

Oligonol® is a lychee extract rich in flavanols, processed to improve bioavailability by lowering its molecular weight.* QoL’s custom Oligonol® blend combines lychee extract with green tea extract to round out the polyphenol content and improve circulation and cardiovascular health.* 

What Are the Health Benefits of Increased Circulation?

Boosting your circulation improves several vital aspects of your overall health. For example, when your blood continuously supplies oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, your organs function better, your wounds heal faster, and your brain is sharper. 

Additionally, it improves the health of your heart, skin, and immune system. 

Circulation and Heart Health

Oligonol® increases the nitric oxide in your body, relaxing blood vessels and keeping platelets moving freely.* As a result, it allows the blood to better nourish the body’s cells.* 

In addition, the high number of antioxidants in Oligonol® prevent free radicals from damaging the arteries.*

Blood Flow and Skin Health

It’s well-known that the skin reveals your body’s first signs of aging. Dullness, dryness, wrinkles, and dark spots all appear over time as the blood flow slows, reducing cell turnover in the skin. 

Oligonol® increases blood flow, improving elasticity in the skin and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fine lines, especially in those over 40.*

Better Circulation and Less Fatigue

As one of its primary roles, your blood carries and delivers oxygen while removing waste from the muscles. The increased blood flow provided by Oligonol® can help speed workout recovery, reduce fatigue, and improve cognitive function.* 

Boost More than Your Internal Temperature with Oligonol®

Oligonol® is specially formulated with green tea and lychee fruit to provide impactful results from your daily dose.* Helping your body circulate blood, fight cell damage and promote a healthy inflammatory response, Oligonol® targets key aspects of your overall health.*

Oligonol® supports your circulation system by relaxing your blood vessels, allowing them to move blood through your body more freely.* As a result, you can improve your overall body temperature and the health of your muscles, skin, organs, and brain.*

Additionally, the antioxidant effects of Oligonol® help your body fight free radical damage from harmful molecules found in the environment.* These free radicals harm your cell membranes and may contribute to premature aging.* 

Through antioxidants, you can protect your cells and delay the signs of aging, especially in your skin.* 

As a health supplement that works to improve the functioning of all of your body’s systems, Oligonol® is an obvious choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution to keep your body working at its best.*

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