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Welcome to the Spring Season!


Today marks the first day of the spring season! 

You may have noticed that the days are getting longer, the weather has been warmer, and the first flowers of the year have made their arrival. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for this time of seasonal change. 

Preparing for spring this year might be a little different than in previous years. Take the extra home time that we are enduring to be extra thorough and shift your focus towards uncharted territories. Maybe you always wanted a garden but never had the time? Well, we have nothing but time right now! 

Take advantage of this extra time at home. Here are some ways to ring in the spring season: 

1. Clean your space - do a physical spring cleaning! Clean your fridge, the drawers, and closets that you tend to skip over during your regular cleaning sessions. 

2. Plan some flowers - do some spring gardening! 

3. Rotate your closet - bring out some of your lighter layers and pack away your heavy winter coats. 

4. Change the decor in your house - switch the pillows on your couch to something light! Use floral prints and light linens as decor. 

5. Do a mental spring cleaning - lave your negative mindset in the past. Let go of any anger, anxiety, and regret! Move into this new season with a positive and clear mindset.

New seasons are a great time to start a new routine, so let’s take advantage of this.

We hope this helps you prepare for spring! Share this blog with your friends and family so we can all enjoy the amazing time of year.

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