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What Are Adaptogens? The Best Ones for Stress, Energy, and Mood

Do you often find yourself feeling tired and run-down? Do you struggle with high stress levels? Adaptogens are natural compounds that combat these issues. If you want to feel more energized, happier, and less stressed, adaptogens may help!

You don't have to feel worn out physically and mentally. Here's how adaptogens can improve your overall well-being.

Keeping Your Body Balanced

Adaptogens are derived from plant sources like certain herbs and mushrooms, and they help your body maintain balance and calmness. While adaptogens provide stress relief and relaxation, they can also boost your energy levels and lift your mood.

There are three criteria for a substance to be considered an adaptogen. First, it must be nontoxic to the human body when properly administered. Second, it must help the body respond to stress in healthy ways. Finally, an adaptogen must help body functions remain in balance ā€” a state called homeostasis.

If a plant-based compound meets these three criteria, it is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens have numerous advantages for mood boosts, stress relief, and energy.

The Benefits of Adaptogens

Adaptogens have many potential benefits for your health and mental well-being. If you feel like nothing has been able to improve your feelings of fatigue, stress, and exhaustion, adaptogens could be the solution for you. Below is more information about the benefits of taking adaptogens over other stress relief options.

No Drowsiness

Traditional stress relief supplements suppress your central nervous system. Those supplements can make you feel tired, groggy, and unfocused.

Adaptogens work in different ways that should not make you feel fatigued or "out of it." Some adaptogens even increase your energy levels to help you be more productive. Adaptogens could be the way to go if you want to avoid the drowsiness caused by sedative supplements.

Natural Plant-Based Compounds

Adaptogens come from nature and are naturally present in plants and fungi around the world. With modern science, we have found ways to isolate these compounds and amplify their effects on your body. You can find the benefits of natural, healing ingredients without unpleasant side effects.

Hormonal Balance

Adaptogens work to keep your hormones at stable levels. In homeostasis, all of your bodily functions are at their baseline levels. This means that your levels of hormones like cortisol, the stress hormone, become higher or lower as your body needs them to.

For example, low cortisol levels could cause feelings of exhaustion and extreme fatigue. Adaptogens can increase your body's cortisol levels to combat these symptoms. If your cortisol levels are too high because of stress, adaptogens may lower them.

These plant-based compounds support keeping your hormones in a natural state of balance to improve your health. By regulating hormones like cortisol, adaptogens help you feel less stressed and tired and more at ease.

Mood Improvements

If you find that your mood is low most of the time, you may benefit from taking adaptogens. These compounds help improve your mood by regulating your body chemistry.

Many things in your body can affect your mood, and your hormones are one of them. When your hormones are balanced, you can look forward to feeling happier and ready to take on the world each day.

SerenelleĀ® for Stress Relief

At Quality of Life, we have a premium stress relief supplement that contains beneficial adaptogens: SerenelleĀ®.* This supplement promotes calmness, relaxation, and stress relief without causing drowsiness or reduced mental function.* SerenelleĀ® is vegan and gluten-free with only the best clinically researched ingredients.*

SerenelleĀ® contains an adaptogen called ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an herb that is commonly used to ease stress and sleep problems.* We formulated SerenelleĀ® with a clinically tested ashwagandha extract blend that has shown positive results for mood, sleep, and energy levels.*

SerenelleĀ® also helps produce calming brain waves called alpha waves.* Beta waves can contribute to nervousness and stress, while alpha waves help your body and mind relax. SerenelleĀ® contains a neurotransmitter called GABA that promotes alpha wave formation in your brain.*

Formulated with L-theanine, SerenelleĀ® is a fast-acting stress relief supplement.* L-theanine can start to take action in your body in as little as 40 minutes.* This means that when you take SerenelleĀ®, you can look forward to instant relief from its calming effects.*

Why Take SerenelleĀ®?

Many people who have high stress levels have tried everything. There are endless options for combating stress from hot baths to cups of tea to pharmaceuticals.

However, most of these methods are ineffective at squashing your stress once and for all. With SerenelleĀ®, you can enjoy your quality of life without feeling on edge all of the time.*

The natural plant-based ingredients in SerenelleĀ® should not make you feel like you are under the influence; instead, you can feel energized, happy, and productive during the day.*

At night, SerenelleĀ® promotes healthy sleep patterns and relaxation so you can rest.* This multifunction adaptogen supplement has what you need to feel like your best self.*

Use Adaptogens to Live Your Best Life

Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Numerous clinical studies have shown that adaptogens have many positive effects on humans without many side effects.* If you want more energy, a positive mood, and less stress, our adaptogen-based supplement might be just what you need.*

Take SerenelleĀ® twice a day for optimal results. You should take one vegicap in the morning and one in the evening. This supplement works best when taken with meals so it can absorb into your system correctly. Once you add SerenelleĀ® to your supplement regimen, you can expect to notice soon how much better you feel.*

At Quality of Life, all of our supplements are formulated with natural ingredients.* We choose the best plant-based extracts and natural compounds to improve your health and well-being. Your mental and physical health are connected, and adaptogens help restore balance to both.

Pick up a bottle of SerenelleĀ® to reap the benefits of adaptogens today!*

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