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What Does Kinoko Mean?

You have probably seen the word “kinoko” before on products, blogs, or websites. Our premium immune support supplements, AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum contain “kinoko” in their names. You might be wondering what the word actually means.

Kinoko Translates to “Mushroom”

Kinoko is the Japanese word for mushroom. Mushrooms have a lot of medicinal properties and saw their first uses in ancient healing remedies thousands of years ago. In modern-day Japan and other countries worldwide, a mushroom extract is used for immune system support and enhancement. 


The Japanese medicinal mushroom extract known as AHCC® has won the Nutracon Best New Product Award. This is because of its remarkable impacts on people’s immune systems and health-threat defense mechanisms. AHCC® is used in Quality of Life Kinoko immune system supplements to boost your immune system and keep you healthy all year long.*

AHCC® Mushroom Extract

AHCC® has numerous benefits for your immune system and overall health. AHCC® is made of a patented blend of mushroom root extracts, making it a unique product on the market.* Mycelia are the roots of medicinal mushrooms that contain the most immune system enhancement benefits. AHCC® contains a unique blend of mycelia to provide your immune system with strength and support.*


Clinical studies from reputable research institutions have backed AHCC®’s immune system benefits.* Over 30 human clinical studies have demonstrated AHCC®’s efficacy in supporting the human immune system and preventing general health problems.* In Japan, AHCC® has become a part of mainstream healthcare to help patients recover and fight off health threats.


AHCC® has a low molecular weight, which increases its absorption in the human body.* This is what makes our AHCC® Kinoko Gold and Platinum supplements so supportive for your immune system.

AHCC® Kinoko Supplements

AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum both contain the healthful mycelia blend that supports your immune system.* AHCC® Kinoko Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC®, and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum contains 750 milligrams per capsule. These doses help strengthen your immune system’s defense against health threats and produce helpful immune cells.

Maintain NK Cell Activity*

Both of our AHCC® immune support supplements help regulate your immune system’s NK cell activity.* “NK” stands for “natural killer” cell, as NK cells are responsible for killing off infected cells that pose a threat to your immune system. AHCC® has been shown to help your immune system sustain an ideal level of NK cell activity to promote health defense and immune support.*

Promote Cytokine Production*

Cytokines are essential proteins that communicate with other parts of your immune system. They are responsible for signaling to other immune cells to facilitate inflammatory responses and other immune system responses. 


AHCC® promotes cytokine production, increasing the efficiency of your immune system at responding to health threats.* With proper levels of cytokines, your immune system can fight off threats quickly and maintain a healthy immune environment.

Promote T-Cell Activity*

T-cells are necessary for your immune system to protect your body from environmental threats. When T-cells encounter suspicious threats, they trigger your immune system’s defense response to clear the threats out of your system. AHCC® promotes optimal T-cell activity to increase the defenses of your immune system.* 

Stimulate Dendritic Cell Activity*

Dendritic cells help your immune system identify antigens, the markers for health threats. AHCC® stimulates dendritic cell production and activity to ensure plenty of these cells are circulating through your immune system. AHCC® makes your immune system more effective at identifying and getting rid of health threats.*

Regulate Macrophage Activity*

AHCC® helps regulate macrophages within your immune system.* Macrophages directly target unhealthy cells and organisms to destroy them and protect your body.* If a cell does not have a specific function for healthy body processes, macrophages will destroy it in a process similar to digestion. AHCC® promotes macrophage production and activity to provide immune system support.*

The Role of Kinoko in Supporting Your Health

AHCC® Kinoko supplements are accurately named for their medicinal mushroom properties.* Kinoko, or mushrooms, are excellent health support tools in your diet and supplement form. While AHCC® enriches your immune system defense and protects your overall health, adding mushrooms to your diet has some benefits, as well.


Mushrooms are low in calories, making them a good option for healthy dishes. They also contain a lot of dietary fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against damage caused to your cells and tissues from free radicals, which are unstable molecules in your body. Antioxidants are also valued for their healthy aging properties and health support. 


There are many health benefits to consuming mushrooms and taking AHCC® supplements. When you take our AHCC® Kinoko Platinum or Gold supplements, you are receiving the help of the patented mycelia blend that supports your immune cells and enhances your health.* 

Convenient Immune System Support

AHCC® Kinoko supplements from Quality of Life provide quick and easy immune system support.* Rather than planning a diet, you can take our premium AHCC® immune support supplements to enhance your immune defenses.* 


Combined with a healthy diet and moderate kinoko intake, AHCC® Kinoko supplements are easy to add to your daily routine and can protect your health.*

Quality of Life AHCC® Kinoko Supplements

At Quality of Life, we use natural plant-based ingredients for our premium health supplements. AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum are available for sale as part of our health supplement line. The AHCC® Kinoko supplements are ideal for immune system support and health protection, utilizing the medicinal properties of mycelia extracts to defend your immune system.*


If you want to boost your immune health and experience the essence of kinoko in Eastern medicine, AHCC® Kinoko supplements are right for you.* Backed by research and evidence-based studies, AHCC® is a famous cultured extract of mushroom roots that provides extra immune support no matter where you are.* 


Protecting your health does not have to be complicated. Pick up our AHCC® Kinoko premium immune support supplements today!

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