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What is Kinoko Platinum AHCC®?


The immune system is one of the most complex systems in the body. When it is underactive, the body’s defenses are low, leaving the body open to various illnesses. However, when it is overactive, it may accidentally attack the body’s healthy tissues and cause other problems. 

For this reason, it is crucial to find the perfect balance for your body’s immune system to achieve optimal health. One of the best ways to help achieve immune system balance is through the use of supplements.

AHCC® is a supplement that has been used in traditional Eastern medicine for years. It has only recently begun to gain traction in the world of Western medicine. AHCC® supplements have natural  immunomodulating properties, working to improve the immune system’s overall performance, improve white blood cell activity, and can improve feelings of overall energy.* 

In an era where people are busier than ever, travel more than ever, and come into contact with more pathogens than ever before, ensuring immune systems are in tip-top shape is of utmost importance. A weakened immune system can mean missed days of work, the inability to care properly for the family, and an overall decreased quality of life. AHCC® supplements are one of the best ways for people to naturally strengthen their immune system.*

Kinoko Platinum AHCC®

Kinoko Platinum AHCC® is a unique and proprietary version of the AHCC® supplement, developed by the supplement company Quality of Life. It contains a hybridized mycelia mushroom root as the main active ingredient. The low molecular weight of 5,000 daltons combined with its right alpha glucan nature helps to increase the supplement’s absorption and efficacy.* 

The serving size of Kinoko Platinum AHCC® is 1.5 to 3 grams per day. This can be achieved by taking 2 to 4 veggie caps once a day. AHCC® works best when it is taken with food, though regardless, Kinoko Platinum AHCC® has been specially formulated to allow for optimal efficacy.* Moreover, 100% of Quality of Life ingredients are backed by human clinical studies; Therefore, you can rest assured that efficacy and absorption have data behind the dosage. In addition, this AHCC® supplement is vegetarian-friendly, too!

There are many different brands of AHCC® supplements that exist. For this reason, it is important to do research before committing to a certain brand of supplement. Quality of Life has been providing quality supplement products to consumers since 1998. Their AHCC® supplements have won the NutrAward for “Best Finished Product of the Year,” which gives customers the assurance that they are getting a quality product.


Benefits of AHCC®

The most popular use of AHCC® is as an immune booster.* The active ingredient is made from the basidiomycetes mushroom, a class made famous by the popular shiitake mushroom. Clinical trials on both humans and animals have been conducted to show these benefits.*

AHCC® Kinoko Platinum supplements work to boost the immune system in a variety of ways, including supporting optimal NK cell activity, improving cytokine production, promoting optimal T-cell activity, promoting optimal macrophage activity, and increasing the number and effectiveness of dendritic cells.*


How AHCC® Works

Understanding how AHCC® works can help people to feel more comfortable with the supplement. AHCC® works in the following ways:

Supporting optimal NK cell activity*: Natural killer (NK) cells are lymphocytes that respond quickly to various pathogens, specifically viral cells. Healthy cells express enough MHC 1, which inhibits the killing properties of NK cells. Pathogenic cells do not express enough MHC 1, which allows the NK cells to target and kill these pathogenic cells. AHCC® supplements work to ensure there is an optimal level of NK cells circulating throughout the body.*

Improving cytokine production*: Cytokines are messenger cells that are produced in response to antigens. Once cytokines are produced, they bind to immune cells and help to influence their activity. Cytokines help regulate natural immune responses and ensure that the immune system is activated at first sight of any infection. AHCC® supplements help to enhance cytokine production, which is akin to creating better immune system communication.*

Promoting optimal T-cell activity*: T-cells are a type of lymphocyte that help to determine the specificity of the immune response to certain antigens found in the body. After an antigen stimulates T-cells, they secrete cytokines to signal immune cells that a pathogen is present. AHCC® supplements help to support T-cell function in the body, which ensures the immune system is properly notified of any viral or bacterial intruders.*

Promoting optimal macrophage activity*: Macrophages work through the process of phagocytosis and sterilization of foreign substances. They are a type of white blood cell that is made in the bone marrow. When macrophages identify a pathogen, they secrete various substances that help to kill it and later absorb it for destruction. AHCC® supplements help the body to maintain optimal macrophage activity, thus keeping pathogens at bay.*

Increase number and effectiveness of dendritic cells*: Dendritic cells are part of the immune system that process antigen material. After this material is processed, it is presented on the cell’s surface so T-cells can recognize it. Thus, dendritic cells act as messengers between the innate and adaptive immune systems. AHCC® supplements increase the number and effectiveness of dendritic cells, thus supporting the ability of T-cells to identify potential pathogens.* 

Should I Use Kinoko Platinum AHCC®?

There are almost 30,000 different dietary supplements currently available to consumers, and there are about 1,000 new supplements introduced each year. With such a large plethora of supplements available, consumers may wonder whether AHCC® is the right product for them. 

First off, it is always important to speak to a primary care physician anytime there is a change in diet or supplement usage. Your physician or healthcare provider can further discuss with you how AHCC® may fit into your daily wellness regimen. 

Unlike many supplements, Kinoko Platinum AHCC® has been tested in clinical human studies which should inspire confidence in consumers. In addition, it has been specially formulated to allow for maximum absorption and efficacy.* Kinoko Platinum AHCC® has the highest amount of active ingredient of all Quality of Life AHCC® supplements, allowing consumers to take less pills while still getting maximum effectiveness.*

The decision to use Kinoko Platinum AHCC® is one each individual must make for themselves. There have been many clinical studies showing the effectiveness of Kinoko Platinum AHCC® for those looking to support their immune systems.* 

In a day and age where people no longer eat as nutritious as they used to, resort to fast food more often, and come into contact with more people and pathogens than ever before, most people should be able to benefit from AHCC® supplements—as always, researching the available options and abilities of AHCC® is an important step in making the decision whether or not to add it to a daily routine. AHCC® is an excellent supplement to help people improve their quality of life and ensure their bodies are operating at an optimal level.

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