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What is LAC Shield and How Does it Boost Immune Response?

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Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® is Quality of Life’s newest immune support supplement, specifically formulated for those that are middle to senior age. It contains two key ingredients: AHCC® and LAC Shield. But what is LAC Shield and how does it boost immune response? Let’s uncover the science behind this formula!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why those over the age of 50 need added immune support.
  • Find out how AHCC® and LAC Shield can work together to keep the immune system healthy.
  • Discover the science behind LAC Shield and why it is effective for middle to senior age individuals.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Those Aged 50+ Need More Immune Support
  • Benefits of AHCC®
  • Benefits of LAC Shield
  • Get the Best Support at the Best Price

Why Those Aged 50+ Need More Immune Support

Immune protection is especially important for those in late middle age or seniors because immunity declines with age.

In fact, after age 20, the body makes very few new T cells and focuses on keeping its existing cells alive. And that’s not the only change. Older adults take longer to produce antibodies when they are exposed to a new pathogen, and those antibodies are less effective at stopping infection. That’s because B cells in older people produce antibodies that are less fine-tuned to their targets.

Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® is the perfect immune formula for anyone looking for advanced immune support and is particularly valuable for those aged 50+.

Benefits of AHCC®

We discuss the benefits of AHCC® a lot here at Quality of Life, it is our star ingredient after all with three other bestselling formulas in our line.

AHCC® is a hybridized medical mushroom that supercharges your natural killer cells to do what they do best.* Some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Increases cytokine production*
  • Increases the activity & number of dendritic cells: Dendritic cells mediate the cellular immune response and support the body’s cytokine production*
  • Maintains optimal NK cell activity: NK or “natural killer” cells are the soldiers of the immune system. They are a specialized group of cells that play a critical role in attacking foreign invaders and helping to keep your body healthy.*
  • Promotes optimal macrophage activity: Macrophages are cells involved in the destruction of bacteria and play an essential role in healing.*
  • Promotes optimal T-cell activity*
  • Has strong calming properties in the digestive system and other parts of the body*
  • Promotes white blood cell production*

Benefits of LAC Shield

LAC Shield is a postbiotic that builds resistance in people who are frequently under the weather.* Those aged 50+ are more likely to fall into this category, which is one of the reasons it’s such an effective ingredient for this formula.*

The postbiotic featured in Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® was selected from several thousand tested because it had the best immune-boosting ability of all.*

The term “post-biotics” refers to non-viable probiotics or inactivated probiotics that provide benefits to the host.

Lactobacillus paracasei is part of the Lactobacillus casei group of probiotics and is one of the most widely researched and applied species of lactobacilli.

Several studies have shown statistically significant results indicating that oral intake of non-viable microbial cells, such as heat-killed probiotics — including LAC-Shield, a strain of heat-killed L. paracasei — can have powerful immune supportive effects.*

LAC-Shield is highly stable and very tolerant to heat and pH, making it easy to incorporate into supplements. This has made for an effective combination for our brand-new AHCC formula featuring LAC Shield.

Get the Best Support at the Best Price

Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® is a formula for those seeking cold and flu protection. QOL offers several products for support with these symptoms, including our three other AHCC® formulas along with ImmunoComplex.

Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® differs in a few ways. It retails for a lower price point and it appeals to a wide swath of customers.

Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® is priced at $55 for a thirty-day supply, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a premium immune product, and it is especially relevant to seniors or those over fifty, for whom the flu can be detrimental.

If your immune defenses are low, now you can fight back with the support of Kinoko® 50+ AHCC®!

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