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What Makes Cogni-Q a Great Brain Supplement?


World Thinking Day is a day where people all over are invited to explore topics and ideas that may be a bit different or unorthodox. These could be topics about the world or an entire nation, or something as simple and familiar such as personal assessment and some key lifestyle changes that can positively affect us as an individual.

More than just thinking outside the box, World Thinking Day can also be interpreted as a day where we have to focus on brain health. Our diet, lifestyle, and sleep habits all build towards a healthy and well-functioning brain, but you can do so much more if you take supplements for brain health. One of these supplements is Cogni-Q™.*

What makes Cogni-Q™ a great brain health supplement? * Read on to find out.

What’s Inside Cogni-Q™?

Cogni-Q™ is our answer to the need for a high-quality cognitive support supplement. However, it’s not your ordinary brain health supplement. What sets it apart is how it is formulated with new ingredients based on the latest research, so you know you will be getting the latest in what scientists all over the world found effective for brain health.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside Cogni-Q™,

1. Angelica gigas Nakai (INM-176) 

This is the core ingredient of Cogni-Q. It’s an ingredient widely used in Korea and is derived from a unique form of cultivated angelica root. It can improve inflammatory response, shows brain-protective properties, and has been cited to confer increased cognition. Other rat studies suggest it can help with memory as well. *

  • The patented INM-176 was used in a clinical study to test the efficacy of Angelica gigas Nakai. The study concluded that in volunteers with mild memory problems associated with aging, Angelica gigas Nakai showed cognitive support. *

It works by ramping up the brain’s acetylcholine levels, which is what the brain uses when it comes to anything related to focus, cognition, and memory storage. It also confers antioxidant properties which can help protect the brain against age-related brain health problems and other ailments.

2. Decursin and Decursinol

These compounds are also derived from Angelica gigas Nakai and have been investigated for their possible neuroprotective properties. Studies suggest these two can help mitigate brain health conditions related to aging, such as poor memory. Experts speculate that these could be due to the compounds’ antioxidant properties, which reduce the effects of brain chemicals that cause memory problems. *


World Thinking Day is a day where we’re all invited to think of the world from a new perspective; to be in someone’s shoes, or to wear a different hat. Regardless of what topic or idea you are digesting, at the core of all this is our brain. Being the most complex organ in the body, the brain also has a complex manner with regards to how to keep it in optimal condition.

Exercise, diet, and sleep - these are all the fundamentals of what comprises brain health. If you want something more, and perhaps something innovative, brain health supplements augment your efforts to keep the brain healthy and functional. For this, we recommend Cogni-Q™, a brain health supplement equipped with the latest ingredients in brain health research.

Coqni-Q does not make use of artificial or synthetic ingredients, which makes it safe for regular human consumption.

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