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When is the Best Time to Take AHCC® Supplement


Health and wellness are becoming even more of a focus for many consumers on account of the current health pandemic sweeping the globe. Many are adding new supplements to their routines in hopes of helping them stay safe from the risks around them. 

However, many of these people don’t actually do the homework and take the time to understand precisely why a supplement could be valuable to them and how to actually take it. Vitamin C, for example, is water-soluble, and water-soluble nutrients cannot be stored in the body, meaning the vitamin C you consume is either used up or expelled, but can't be stored for later. Thus, if you are not taking an enhanced version of vitamin C like Quality of Life’s Advasorb® Vitamin C, a lot of that extra boost of vitamin C that's advertised on the bottle may end up going straight down the drain, literally! 

There are many different compounds out there, and it can be hard to trust which nutrients can actually help and which companies are reputable. Everyone is always trying to sell you something, and all you are trying to do is take good care of yourself. It can be stressful to navigate the internet with all the content out there that may be deceiving. So, we have assembled a quick and no-nonsense summary for you to help you begin your journey to improved immune system function. Your journey starts as we dive into what exactly AHCC® is and when's the best time to take it. 

A Brief
When Was AHCC®AHCC Developed?
What Is AHCC®AHCC Used For?
The Quality of Life Difference
AHCC®AHCC From Quality of Life
Kinoko® Gold
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A Brief

AHCC® is a standardized mushroom extract specially formulated to result in a lower molecular weight for the vital nutrient present, polysaccharides, specifically alpha-glucans, which have immunomodulatory effects on natural killer cell activity as well as T cell activity.* 

The original molecular weight from 200,000 daltons to around 5,000 daltons makes human absorption of the polysaccharides much more effective than in consuming a whole shiitake mushroom. The extract itself is a hybridization of several different kinds of species of mushrooms but is primarily known for coming from shiitake. The mycelia of fungus (roots) rather than the caps are used to extract the maximum nutritional benefit. 

Generally, AHCC® can be taken three times a day for general well-being; the recommended daily dosage can be up to 3 grams.

When Was AHCC® Developed?

AHCC® was first developed in the year 1987 at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences. Initially, it was being developed as a potential medication to treat high blood pressure. Quickly, though, researchers began to observe the effects of active hexose correlated compound on different parts of the immune response, ranging from the outer dendritic cells to NK cell activity and even to cytokine production. 

The chemistry behind the synthesis is quite complicated and is, of course, a patented process. It includes cultivation, enzymatic decomposition, subsequent sterilization, concentration, and then freeze-drying. This is an essential and intensive process that is quite complicated than what you may have thought!


What Is AHCC® Used For?

AHCC® is primarily used in Japan and the use of AHCC® is very widely accepted there, even mainstream. It is also growing popularity in the United States, but it's not quite as mainstream as Japan just yet. 

The main reason people use this mushroom product is because of its positive effect on the body's immune function. It significantly supports the production of white blood cells, including NK cells, T cells, macrophages, and cytokines, which are essential parts of your body's immune system. If you think of what wins wars, it's usually numbers. Clinical trials have shown that AHCC® can provide immune support by effectively "calling in reinforcements," helping you to win the battle against foreign pathogens.*

The gastrointestinal system may also respond well to the compound. In a mouse model, the effects of AHCC® on the digestive system included helping improve regulation, as well as relieving mild bloating, occasional constipation, and general discomfort.

The Quality of Life Difference

When it comes to the AHCC® nutritional supplement, as well as the rest of the wide variety of other dietary supplements Quality of Life supplies, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting them from a company that takes the time to actually back their ingredients to make sure you're getting hand-crafted formulas that actually do what they say they're going to do.

Quality of Life goes above and beyond the standards that the supplement industry is required to meet because they care deeply about their customers getting the wellness benefits they seek. Quality of Life also backs their ingredients with human clinical studies, so you can also feel confident that you generally won't have surprise adverse effects or unexpected side effects. They also go out of their way to ensure safety and quality of production. Every step of the process is controlled by senior management's meticulous attention to detail, putting the consumer's safety first. This is why we suggest you purchase your immunity supplements through Quality of Life. You just get a better experience than what other supplement companies provide.


AHCC® From Quality of Life

Quality of Life is the best place to find your AHCC® for a few reasons, mostly surrounding the fact that AHCC® is a specific brand with unique proprietary formulas that are not available elsewhere. 

We’ll give you a brief rundown of the different kinds of AHCC® that you might like. 

Kinoko® Gold

is your everyday AHCC®. It features 500 mg of AHCC® per capsule, and each serving provides 1 gram of AHCC®. It is vegetarian, gluten-free, magnesium stearate free, and dairy-free. For this, the serving size is two capsules (called Vegicaps), which you can take before your meals up to three times per day, for a max of six capsules per day. 

Kinoko® Platinum

is the higher potency AHCC®. It delivers 750 mg of AHCC® per capsule and is the highest potency supplement of AHCC® available on the market. 

For those who may have trouble swallowing the larger AHCC® capsules or want an even more potent AHCC®, you can go for Kinoko AHCC® Rx, which has 67% greater potency than standard AHCC® and is also taken in a smaller softgel that's eays to swallow. 

AHCC® has had extensive research and has a lot of benefits to offer when it comes to supporting immune health, and Quality of Life is your best source for it!*


Note: As always, we recommend you talk to a health care professional before adding any new supplement into your daily routine. If you are sensitive or allergic to basidiomycete mushrooms, then it would probably be best to avoid AHCC® and other supplements that contain basidiomycetes. Additionally, patients who are taking aromatase inhibitors and medications that are metabolized using the cytochrome P450 may want to consult with their healthcare provider about possible interactions. Pregnant women should not take the supplement due to insufficient evidence on how it may affect the baby.

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Medically reviewed by Jaime Salas Rushford

Written by Quality of Life – Updated on March 3, 2021

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