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When Should I Take AHCC®?

Nowadays, the immune response seems to be a widely discussed topic. With an increase in the number of hours people work, the amount of people we come into contact with, and the ease of travel, our immune systems are under more pressure now than ever before. 

Long work hours can leave people sleep-deprived and stressed. The lack of time throughout the day can resort to the consumption of nutrient-deficient food; all elements that contribute to a weakened immune system. 

Moreover, with travel so readily available now that things are starting to look better, travelers are coming into contact with people and pathogens they normally would never get exposed to. Therefore, with an already weakened immune system from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this can leave people particularly prone to various viral and bacterial ailments.

So, How Can I Boost Immunity?
What Does AHCC Do?
How Does The Immune System Work?
When Should I Take AHCC?
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So, How Can I Boost Immunity?

As Western life becomes increasingly fast-paced, more and more people are searching for ways to boost their immune systems. One of the most common ways is through the use of supplements. 

Supplements are manufactured products, typically meant to be taken by mouth and to help “supplement” a person’s diet. Many Americans have diets that do not provide them with adequate nutrition. As a result, the lack of a nutritious diet can lead to a weakened immune system, thus putting people at elevated risks for contracting bacterial and viral illnesses. Therefore, many Americans are turning to supplements to help support their immune systems in light of their busy schedules and poor diets.

One such immune-boosting supplement is AHCC®.* AHCC® is a supplement with an active ingredient made from basidiomycete mushrooms. This is the same class of mushroom from which the famous shiitake mushroom comes from. Many clinical studies have been conducted which show the many benefits of AHCC® supplements for the immune system.* AHCC® is a supplement that has been used in Eastern medicine for years; however, it has only recently become more popular amongst Western medicine physicians.

In recent years, there has been a migration in Western medicine from defaulting to prescription drugs into incorporating more natural supplements and solutions. With almost 30,000 supplements available to consumers, and around 1,000 new supplements being added each year, it can be difficult to determine which supplements should be added to a daily routine and which are just social media hype. However, there is no question why AHCC® has gained popularity. Any supplement that has the ability to boost a person’s immune system is rightfully at the top of the list of many supplement consumers.


What Does AHCC® Do?

The immune system is a complicated part of the body. As a result, many people do not fully understand it. AHCC® boosts the immune system by optimizing various parts of the immune system, such as supporting optimal NK cell activity, promoting cytokine production, promoting optimal T-cell activity, supporting optimal macrophage activity, and promoting the function and number of dendritic cells.* The ability of AHCC® to optimize the immune system makes it a biological response modifier.* With the support of AHCC®, the immune system stays healthy and functions at its best.

How Does The Immune System Work?

The immune system is incredibly complex. All people actually have two types of immunity: adaptive and innate. When there is an antigen that your body detects, innate immunity launches immediately with a non-specific response. Examples of innate immunity include the cough reflex, enzymes in saliva, mucus, the skin barrier, and stomach acid. Oftentimes, innate immunity is able to prevent pathogens from infecting the body. However, if a pathogen is able to get past the initial innate immune response, adaptive immunity takes over.

Adaptive immunity takes longer to kick into effect than innate immunity. However, when it does take effect, it produces a specific response, tailored to the pathogen. Adaptive immunity consists of a cell-mediated immune response which is carried out by T-cells and a humoral immune response which is carried out by activated B cells and antibodies. After the adaptive immune response is triggered by a pathogen, it leaves the body with the ability to recognize the pathogen quicker, the next time it arises. This makes the adaptive immune response stronger each time the same or a similar pathogen is encountered.

Some people have naturally strong immune systems, which is why they rarely get sick, even with a cold or the flu. Their bodies are able to quickly recognize a pathogen and destroy it before it affects the entire body. Yet, other people have naturally weak immune systems. They may suffer from the cold and flu multiple times each year or may have even worse illnesses.  


When Should I Take AHCC® 

When researching AHCC®, many people ask, “When should I take AHCC®?” The answer will vary from person to person. 

Each AHCC® supplement is unique, which is why customers should be sure to thoroughly research the company they are buying from prior to purchase. Quality of Life has been around since 1998. Besides, their AHCC® proprietary blend won the award for “Best Finished Product Of The Year.” This should give customers confidence that they are always receiving a quality product when they buy from Quality of Life.

The timing of when to take AHCC® supplements will depend on what type you buy. For example, those taking Kinoko Platinum AHCC® should take 2-4 veggie caps daily before meals. Eating while taking the supplement can help to reduce potential stomach upset for those who suffer from a sensitive tummy. Customers who choose to take AHCC® Kinoko Gold should take two veggie caps, up to three times daily, before meals. This may mean before breakfast, lunch, and dinner if a person eats three times per day. Lastly, those who take AHCC® Rx also take two soft gels, up to three times daily, before meals.

As is true with any supplement, the dosage will depend on the amount of active ingredient contained in the pill. AHCC® is recommended to be taken before meals, but in the unlikely and rare event that you experience any stomach discomfort, take AHCC® with a meal. Moreover, if you have an allergy to mushrooms, don’t worry, mushroom allergies are typically caused by the spores, which originate from the top of the mushroom, whereas AHCC® originates from the root. However, it is still worth consulting with a healthcare provider before beginning AHCC® supplements if you have allergies.

Help AHCC® Help You Today!

AHCC® can be a great daily addition for those wanting to give a little extra support to their immune systems. It can improve overall wellness, especially for those always on the go who may not have time to get enough immune-supporting nutrients from diet alone. While AHCC® is generally safe for most consumers. It is very important to discuss any new addition to your daily routine with your primary healthcare provider. This will help ensure that there are no contraindications to any medical conditions you have or affect any prescription/nonprescription medications and supplements you are taking.


AHCC® supplements have an overwhelmingly positive response and a loyal customer base. It can be easily accessed, and easily added to a normal routine. Eastern medicine practitioners have been using AHCC® for years. Fortunately, Western practitioners are finally catching on to the benefits. Immune response optimization is more important now than ever before. Fortunately, there are supplements that exist which can help to boost the immune system when you really need it!

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