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Why AHCC® Is Different From Other Mushroom Supplements

AHCC® makes all the difference in our immune-boosting health supplements. You can fight against health threats with this effective mushroom-based ingredient. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how and why AHCC® is different from other mushroom supplements
  • Find out how mushroom supplements with AHCC® strengthen your immune resistance to fight against health threats. 
  • Decide on the best AHCC® supplement for your immune system’s needs. 

Find out how AHCC® can improve your immune health compared to other, less effective mushroom supplements.* 

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is AHCC®?
  2. How AHCC® Boosts Immunity and Health
  3. AHCC® Is More Easily Absorbed by Your Body*
  4. AHCC® Is Backed By Clinical Studies Worldwide
  5. Each AHCC® Supplement Contains a Therapeutic Dose*
  6. Choosing the Right AHCC® Product for You
  7. Pick Up an AHCC® Immunity Supplement Today!

What Is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a specialized blend of medicinal mushroom roots. This specific blend of medicinal mycelia has shown many positive effects on the human immune system.* 

Medicinal mushrooms contain compounds called glucans that boost your immune system.* Many mainstream mushroom health supplements contain beta-glucans. 

AHCC® is jam-packed with alpha glucans, which have more power to strengthen immune resistance than beta-glucans.* This is just one way that AHCC® is superior to other mushroom supplements. 

We have three AHCC® supplements available: AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® Rx. We will discuss how to choose the best AHCC® supplements to meet your health needs.

How AHCC® Boosts Immunity and Health

There are several ways AHCC® enhances your immune system’s function and resistance to threats.* 

Your immune system relies on specialized cells to identify and destroy dangerous particles before they harm your health. AHCC® works to boost the numbers and activity of important immune cells to strengthen your resistance.* 

Boosts Immune Cell Activity*

Natural killer cells are your body’s first line of defense against threatening particles. They work to destroy any health threats that enter your system, and AHCC® boosts their activity by up to 800%.* 

T-cells work with natural killer cells to identify familiar health threats that your body has fought off before. AHCC® manages T-cell activity to make sure your body can quickly defend against known threats.* 

Increases Numbers of Beneficial Immune Cells*

AHCC® increases populations of important immune cells, like macrophages and dendritic cells.* 

Macrophages engulf (“eat”) foreign particles that could harm your health. This process keeps your system clean, so other immune cells can function properly.

When you take AHCC®, your macrophage populations increase significantly.* This allows everything to operate smoothly in your immune system to effectively fight off health threats.

Dendritic cells work closely with T-cells to identify the type of immune threat present in your system. AHCC® increases the number and activity of dendritic cells in your system over time.* 

AHCC® Is More Easily Absorbed by Your Body*

Now you know that AHCC® is more potent and effective for boosting immunity and general well-being.* AHCC® is also more bioavailable compared to other mushroom extracts.* 

When you take a medicinal mushroom supplement, it goes through the digestion process in your body. Most nutrients absorb through your stomach and intestinal linings. 

The molecular weight of a substance plays a large role in how well your body can absorb a compound. AHCC®’s low molecular weight of 5,000 daltons makes it highly bioavailable.*

For comparison, most mushroom supplements weigh upwards of 200,000 daltons. You get very little of the medicinal benefits from these supplements, if any at all, because they cannot be absorbed properly.

AHCC® Is Backed By Clinical Studies Worldwide

Over 1,000 health clinics use AHCC® for its immune-boosting properties.* There is a good reason for this — AHCC® has been studied far and wide.

Some of the largest research institutions in the world have studied AHCC® for efficacy and safety.* Over 30 human clinical studies have shown that AHCC® has positive effects on immune function and strength.* 

When you take one of our premium AHCC® immunity supplements, you are getting research-backed ingredients that actually work.* 

Research has shown that AHCC® remains effective as time goes on, even over 10-year periods!* This proprietary mushroom root extract is the gold standard for immune-strengthening ingredients.*

Each AHCC® Supplement Contains a Therapeutic Dose*

No matter which AHCC® product you choose, you will get a research-based dose of AHCC®.* 

Studies have suggested that between one and three grams of AHCC® per day benefits the human immune system.* Even our lowest-strength AHCC® supplement provides at least one gram of AHCC® each day, which protects and strengthens your immune system.* 

You can take more than the minimum serving size of AHCC® each day, especially if you are currently under the weather. This allows your doses to be customized according to your immune system’s unique needs.

Choosing the Right AHCC® Product for You

We have three different AHCC® products that contain beneficial doses of this proprietary ingredient. Each AHCC® supplement is effective at improving your immunity to health threats.* 

Beginners: AHCC® Gold

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. This is our lowest-strength AHCC® product, making it perfect for beginners or those with minimum exposure to threats.

Seasoned AHCC® Users: AHCC® Platinum

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule. If you are often exposed to health threats but fight them off successfully, this medium-strength supplement is perfect for you.* 

High Exposure to Health Threats: AHCC® Rx

AHCC® Rx is our maximum-strength immune support supplement. One 300-milligram softgel has the same power as one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®.

AHCC® Rx is perfect for those who are often faced with circulating health threats and uncomfortable symptoms.* This powerful AHCC® supplement kick-starts your immune response to fight off harmful particles year-round.* 

Pick Up an AHCC® Immunity Supplement Today!

At Quality of Life, we pride ourselves on curating research-based supplements that actually work.* AHCC® is one of our best-selling products because of its powerful immune-boosting properties.* 

Pick up a bottle of AHCC® Gold, Platinum, or Rx today to start reaping the benefits of a fine-tuned immune system!*

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