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Why Gut Health is a Factor in How Stressed You Are


When we think of the word stress, the first words that come to mind are anything related to the brain or the head. True enough, some of the symptoms of being stressed is having a headache or some form of anxiety, which indirectly affects our quality of life. Of course, you naturally want to focus on brain health to help keep stress at bay, but is it the only thing we should do.

Our brain isn’t the only “pain point” of stress as experts say our gut health also determines how we manage stress levels. How are they connected?

1.   Our gut health can cause stress and vice versa

We regularly experience health effects that causes us stress or causes us to have gut problems. Most of the time, we can’t pinpoint exactly what started first and caused the other, but we know that they are somehow linked. As it is, our stress can cause intestinal issues or digestion problems.

Likewise, whenever we have stomach issues, it stresses us out, especially if it’s the type that causes us to wince in pain or go to the restroom multiple times in a day.

2.   The amount of stress we have can be felt in our gut

We all know the expression “Butterflies in our stomach,” but did you know that there is some truth to it? Not in a way that we literally have butterflies in our stomach, but how our gut is sensitive to emotion. Yes, the same system that digests and excretes food and drinks is the same system that is most sensitive to emotion next to our brain.

Sadness, excitement, anxiety, anger, these are all emotions that can trigger symptoms in the gut. Have you ever felt so excited that it makes you have the urge to urinate? Perhaps you’ve been so sad that you’ve lost your appetite? That is how connected our brain and gut is, and it’s nothing short of amazing when you think how different their functions are.

Supplementing for gut health and stress

Now that we understand how gut health and stress is linked, our top priority should be to make sure our gut is functioning at its best. There are many ways to boost gut health, the bulk of which involve dietary modifications, but there are also supplements that can help like ProbioPure.

ProbioPure isn’t just your ordinary probiotic supplement. Our product makes use of a strain called Bifidobacterium longum or Morinaga BB536. Studies show how Morinaga BB536 helps improve gut microbial diversity and nutrient absorption. *


Stress does not just happen in our brain, but also in our gut, and our gut can also affect how we handle stress. If you want to boost your body’s ability to handle stress, put the focus on gut health. Have a healthier lifestyle with a clean diet as well as take supplements like ProbioPure to further improve your wellness efforts. With ProbioPure, you’re one step closer to keeping stress at its lowest.

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