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Why LAC-Shield Works So Well With AHCC

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As you age, keeping your immune system working at its best becomes more important — but it’s also more difficult. Learn how LAC-Shield works with AHCC to help you.

Key Takeaways

  • With age, your immune system stops working as efficiently as it used to, which is why LAC-Shield and AHCC® can be so effective
  • LAC-Shield is made of heated lactic acid bacteria, offering a stable way of enhancing your immune system
  • Our proprietary AHCC® is made from hybridized shiitake mushrooms and offers a wealth of nutrients that focus on immune responses
  • Together, LAC-Shield and AHCC® provide an enhanced boost

Table of Contents:

  1. Why the Immune System Is Less Effective With Age
  2. What Is LAC-Shield
  3. What Is AHCC?
  4. How LAC-Shield and AHCC Work Together
  5. Over 50? Help Your Immune System Remain Efficient

Why the Immune System Is Less Effective With Age

The older you get, the more trouble your immune system has distinguishing foreign particles. This makes health concerns more likely and can also lead to autoimmune issues.

Macrophages, which are in charge of ingesting foreign cells, also work more slowly, while T cells, which remember cells they’ve encountered before, respond with delays.

With age, you may have fewer white blood cells ready to respond to invaders. They also may struggle to notice new invaders. 

If you do feel unwell, your body also requires more time to heal, which can take its toll on your overall health levels. 

Your immune cells are less able to efficiently detect changes in your own cells as well. 

All of these factors combine to make your body less able to defend itself. That's why it’s so important to find ways of boosting the immune system. 

Keep in mind that there’s no set age when your immune system may stop working as efficiently as it once did. Instead, it’s more of a gradual decline over time.

What Is LAC-Shield?

LAC-Shield is a heat-killed strain of beneficial lactic acid bacteria that offers the chance to boost your immune system. 

It’s a highly stable strain of the bacteria. Its name is appropriate because it functions like a shield to protect you from invaders. 

Because it’s been pasteurized, the LAC-Shield doesn’t have the same pH instability problems that most probiotics have. That makes it easier to mix with other ingredients. 

It’s able to maintain all of its health benefits even after undergoing rigorous manufacturing processes. LAC-Shield also has a long shelf life. 

What Is AHCC?

AHCC® is a proprietary mushroom extract we offer at Quality of Life that can help promote a more efficient immune system.* It can strengthen macrophage activity.*

AHCC® helps maintain optimal natural killer cell activity while also increasing dendritic cell numbers. These are immune cells in your skin and other tissues. 

Our AHCC® relies on the cultured extract of medicinal mushroom roots and features a low molecular weight to enhance absorption levels. 

The shiitake mushrooms that make up these products have been known for a long time for their antioxidative properties. They’re also rich in:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins B
  • Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin 
  • Amino acids

Iron is a fundamental element in the development of a healthy immune system. Those who have deficiencies often struggle to have appropriate immune responses. 

Folate is also necessary to have a healthy immune system. It can help prevent DNA changes that can lead to serious health concerns. 

B vitamins all help impact the function of your immune system, with vitamin B6 helping create red and white blood cells and B12 helping T cell production. 

Shiitake mushrooms also offer vitamin C, which is well-known as an immune system promoter. 

Niacin is yet another nutrient these mushrooms contain. It activates the immune system, getting it to work more efficiently. 

You can also get riboflavin, which helps modulate immune system responses, increasing host defense against microbial invasions. 

Shiitake mushrooms contain amino acids, too. If you have any type of amino acid deficiency, you can experience serious issues with your immune system. 

Particularly, you need glutamine and cysteine. Shiitake mushrooms have both of these amino acids in significant quantities. 

We’ve taken all that normal shiitake mushrooms offer and enhanced the results to give your immune system the help it needs as you age. 

How LAC-Shield and AHCC Work Together

To offer the immune system-improving results you want as you step into your middle years, we’ve created AHCC 50+®. 

This option combines the benefits from LAC-Shield with our AHCC®, offering two ingredients shown to promote better immune function.* 

You get the AHCC® to lead the creation of T cells that target foreign invaders, while the LAC-Shield helps you build resistance if you’re often unwell.*

Our Kinoko® 50+ AHCC® is a supplement created especially for those 50 and over, increasing T cell function and dendritic cell creation after just 60 days of taking it.*

The combination of these two ingredients can be extremely effective, so it’s important to start thinking about adding it to your daily routine right now. 

Over 50? Help Your Immune System Remain Efficient

No one likes to grow older. You may feel a bit less energetic, and your body reflects that with its slower immune system. 

You don’t have to accept that as par for the course, however. By turning to supplements that offer ways of enhancing what your body does naturally, you can feel great. 

At Quality of Life, we’re dedicated to offering options that rely on natural ingredients and science-based results. From LAC-Shield to our AHCC®, we offer what you need.

Now, by combining these ingredients into Kinoko® 50+ AHCC®, we’ve taken things to the next level. Why not enjoy the benefits of both supplements?

If you’re tired of always feeling slightly under the weather, getting your immune system up to snuff can mean turning to options like Kinoko® 50+ AHCC®

At Quality of Life, we help you understand your choices and make an informed decision on the supplements that can improve your later years. 

Don’t wait to begin your journey to a healthier you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our options. 

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