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Why Managing Stress is Important for Guys


Have you read the headlines about stress?

Everyone from the American Psychological Association to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) points to the amount of stress women face and how it’s on the rise. The “do it all” pressure women face is real, and juggling a career, family, domestic duties, and caring for elderly parents can take its toll.

What no one is talking about, however, is the everyday stressors that men face, too. With June being Men’s Health Month, let’s take a moment to explore stress and mental health in the other gender.

Stereotypically, men don’t seek treatment or get any type of help for stress, anxiety, or depression. This can be problematic because it’s estimated that nearly 1 in 10 men experience depression and anxiety.

With the current state of world affairs, these numbers could be higher. Further, because men are less likely to get help for stress than women, the problems can fester, leaving men to take more drastic action.

Not convinced that you should be watching over your mental health if you’re not female? Keep reading, and we’ll hopefully enlighten you.

Benefits of Taking Care of Mental Health

As a man, taking care of your body is top of mind, but tuning in with your inner self might not seem like a top priority. Taking care of your mental health can lead to a host of benefits, including better physical health!

Here’s why you should prioritize mental health:

  • Improve relationships: When you’re less stressed, you’re able to give more in a relationship and be better-natured. Those trivial arguments that lead to sleeping on the sofa can be minimized.
  • Better mood: Even if you’re the strong and silent type, the people around you are probably pretty good at reading your moods. If you take some time to focus on your mental health, you might find yourself smiling more and getting along with everyone in your life even better.
  • Clearer thinking: Every day, we’re faced with decisions. Whether it’s choosing what to eat for breakfast or how to present the latest reports to your boss, when you’re in a healthy mental state, you’ll be able to think clearly and more rationally.
  • Reduced risk of depression: It’s estimated that more than 30% of men have suffered from depression at some point in their lives, and men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women. Once you begin down that spiral, it can be hard to get out of it. By keeping a finger on the pulse of your mental health, you can stop depressive episodes before they get out of control.
  • Healthy testosterone levels: High levels of stress correspond with lower testosterone levels, which could lead to a loss of libido and even infertility.

So, how does a guy stay mentally healthy? A clean diet, taking time to relax, and getting plenty of exercise are all important. So is having an outlet to discuss stress. Whether it’s a partner, friend, family member, or professional, make sure you have someone to talk to about what’s happening in your life.

How do you stay mentally healthy? Let us know in the comments!

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