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A Solution For Bloating, Peptisol!

Feeling bloated can easily ruin your day, and it adds insult to injury when you don't know the cause of your bloating! Bloating can be caused by many factors. Some of the more popular reasons include eating things that don't agree with our stomach, drinking gas-producing beverages, which are not simply carbonated beverages - coffee, tea, and alcohol produce gas within your stomach, and overeating! 

Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of our digestive system, many other things could have your stomach resembling a balloon. But don't worry, a flat stomach is in your future because we have a solution!

Some Over-indulging

This is the most common cause of bloating, with a particularly increased risk for those who eat too fast. When you eat too fast, the body doesn't have time to digest correctly. This can result in "stockpiling" of food inside your stomach, which expands the organ temporarily as the food is queued for digestion instead of being immediately exposed to stomach acids.

This stockpiling can also lead to poor stomach gas release. When your stomach has too much food, the gas produced inside by gut bacteria and stomach acids has trouble escaping, a.k.a. burping. When we can't burp, all the gas remains inside and can result in bloating.


Food sensitivity or intolerance

Our digestive system is delicate, and some people struggle with food sensitivity more than others. Dairy products like milk and cheese are hard for many people to digest. Some people have an issue tolerating eggs. Also, due to our modern diet and lifestyle, gluten sensitivity is on the rise.

Eating foods that your body doesn't tolerate well does not just cause bloating but will also cause a potentially harmful inflammatory response in your body.

Artificial Sweeteners

Eating too many artificial sweeteners can cause bloating! This is because artificial sweeteners cannot be digested. Sugar-free options always sound like a good idea, but they could be sabotaging your flat stomach efforts.

No matter what the cause is, we can all agree bloating doesn't feel good. It can be painful, distracting, and keep you up at night. Have you ever canceled plans because of painful bloating? Many people have at least once or twice. Don't be held captive by your bloating! We created a safe, natural, and effective solution, Peptisol.

Peptisol features three powerful digestive health ingredients,

  • GutGard: GutGard is a branded form of licorice extract. Licorice has been found to have the potential to relieve symptoms of indigestion and even heartburn. It works by helping our stomach achieve a balanced pH, which helps neutralize the risks of stomach acidity - a significant factor in bloating. *
  • Artichoke: Artichoke works by boosting bile secretion while reducing bowel spasms that cause pain and are associated with bloating. It's also been shown to promote regular bowel movement. *
  • Ginger: Ginger is one of the best ingredients for digestive health. It can act as a digestive enzyme that helps towards more efficient digestion and reduces some of the symptoms of bloating, like nausea. *


Bloating is not something we have to simply 'deal with.' Many natural ingredients promote better digestion. Licorice, artichoke, and ginger have been found to promote proper function in our digestive system. We put these ingredients at your fingertips with Peptisol.

Put a pin in bloating. Simply take one vegicap before each of your meals, up to 3 times a day!

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