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Why Positelle Could be a Difference Maker in Your Life

Everyone at some point feels down in their life. They feel sluggish and tired. Their mood fluctuates. This moody feeling can often be attributed to some sort of stress. Might be they are lacking in sleep or their work life is stressing them out on a daily basis. Finding a solution is invaluable to their health as well as ensuring that mood does not worsen or affect their life.

Positelle is an all natural supplement, with each ingredient backed by human clinical studies, that can provide support in three different areas related to your mood.* 

  1. Positelle Safely Uplifts Your Mood.*

Clinical studies show that each of the ingredients in Positelle can help support an uplift in mood.* Extracted from the herb Apocynum venetum, Venetron helps to promote a positive outlook.* Other ingredients in Positelle are Rhodiola, lavender oil, vitamin D and Quatrefolic (proprietary folate) which also have mood support benefits.*

For instance, Venetron has been shown in multiple double-blind human clinical studies to promote a positive outlook.* Rhodiola is an arctic herb that increases the activity of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin within the body - which helps support mood.* Lavender oil can help to block the overstimulation of glutamate, which has been connected to lower mood levels.* Vitamin D and Quatrefolic also have studies showing an improvement in mood.*

  1. Positelle Promotes a Feeling of Calm*

The ingredients in Positelle can also effectively promote a feeling of a calm.* Venetron, Rhodiola root extract, and lavender oil have been clinically shown to help alleviate occasional stress, thereby inducing feelings of calm and relaxation.* 

Venetron calms the nerves by reducing the secretion of chromogranin A, which is known as a stress marker.* Studies show that Rhodiola helps the body adapt to physical, emotional, and environmental stressors by decreasing cortisol, a stress hormone.* Lavender oil provides a comforting and relaxing feeling by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter GABA.* 

  1. Positelle encourages peaceful sleep.*

With Venetron and lavender oil, Positelle can also provides you with better sleep quality.* 

Venetron has been clinically shown to improve your sleep quality.* Studies show that lavender oil can help you to sleep longer and more restoratively.* 

If you're looking for support in these three areas, we welcome you to give Positelle a try. We'd love to hear about your experience with Positelle - if you're willing to share your story or post a testimonial video on social media, be sure to tag us!

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