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Why You Should Take AHCC® Kinoko Rx

Have you tried our concentrated immune health supplement, AHCC® Kinoko Rx? If you haven’t taken the leap with our AHCC® products yet, you should consider it. AHCC® has numerous research-backed immune health benefits that can transform your health for the better.* 

If you struggle with immune concerns it’s time to add AHCC® Rx to your daily supplement regimen. Here’s how AHCC® Rx works to protect your health.*

What Is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a patented blend of mycelia, also known as medicinal mushroom roots. This mushroom root extract blend has shown numerous immune-boosting properties in human clinical trials.* 

AHCC® is known as a biological response modifier, which means that it helps your body respond to health threats more effectively.* This response allows your immune system to do its job and neutralize any foreign threats.* 

How AHCC® Boosts Your Immune System

AHCC® works in a few different ways to improve your immune system’s function and protect your health.* This compound increases the number and activity of white blood cells circulating in your body.* 

White blood cells are responsible for fighting against health intruders and healing damaged tissues. With more white blood cells working more efficiently, your general health will improve. 

Boosts NK Cell Activity*

AHCC® also increases natural killer (NK) cell activity.* These cells are your body’s first line of defense against foreign particles and other health threats. Natural killer cells are a type of white blood cell responsible for eliminating unhealthy cells that have been invaded. AHCC® boosts natural killer cell activity by 300 to 800%.*

Increases Macrophage Production*

Macrophages consume and digest particles that appear threatening or unhealthy to your body. These cells also “eat” waste material and damaged cells, keeping your immune system clean. 

AHCC® increases the production of macrophages so that you have plenty of healthy immune cells to destroy foreign particles.* 

Increases the Number of Dendritic Cells*

Dendritic cells help regulate your body’s immune response to health threats by presenting threatening material to other immune cells. AHCC® increases the number of dendritic cells floating around in your system.* This speeds up your body’s immune system processes and helps it eliminate foreign threats much more quickly.* 

Health threats can’t hang around in your body for long when you have plenty of dendritic cells to speed up your immune response. 

Promotes T-Cell Production and Activity*

T-cells are like security guards for your immune system. They’re trained to recognize specific harmful particles that your body has fought against before. When a T-cell identifies a familiar health threat, it works to eliminate it immediately. 

AHCC® boosts your immune system’s production of T-cells and increases their activity to keep your body free of health threats.* 

AHCC® Rx vs. Other AHCC® Supplements

AHCC® Rx is a special formula that delivers higher concentrations of AHCC® to your body.* These supplements are 67% more potent than our other AHCC® formulas.* When your immune system needs a big boost while you’re under the weather or facing health threats, AHCC® Rx is there to help.* 

Each 300-milligram softgel of AHCC® Rx is equivalent to one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®. Taking two softgels of AHCC® Rx will deliver the daily recommended dose of AHCC® for optimal immune system function.* Better health can be as simple as taking two of these softgels up to three times per day. 

AHCC® Rx: Frequently Asked Questions 

You might be wondering if AHCC® Rx is right for you. Can you easily add this supplement to your daily routine? Are there any complicating factors when taking AHCC® Rx? We’ll answer your questions so you can feel comfortable using this powerful immune-boosting supplement.

Can I Take AHCC® Rx If I Have Mushroom Sensitivities?

People who have experienced mushroom sensitivities after eating them might be worried about taking this supplement. The good news is that the majority of mushroom sensitivities come from the spores, which are at the top of the mushroom. 

AHCC® is formulated with medicinal mushroom root extracts, so the chances of adverse reactions are very low.* You should always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement. 

Will AHCC® Rx Interact with Other Medications?

If you have health problems, chances are that you take other medications to alleviate the symptoms. AHCC® Rx has a very low chance of interacting negatively with your other medications.* 

AHCC® passes through the P450 2D6 metabolic pathway. If you take other medications that are metabolized through this pathway, there’s a small chance AHCC® could interfere with the absorption of that medication. 

Always talk to a pharmacist or physician about your existing medications before starting AHCC®. The chances of medication interacting with AHCC® are low, but we recommend playing it safe anyway.

How Do I Take AHCC® Rx?

There are specific instructions on how to take AHCC® Rx on every bottle of the supplement. You should take two softgels up to three times per day, taking each dose 30 mins before or 2 hours after meal.

Taking it with food will increase the absorption of AHCC® into your system and allow you to get the full benefits of the supplement. Many people take AHCC® Rx with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively. 

If you’re going through intense immune challenges and need extra protection, you can increase your dose temporarily. Taking more of this concentrated form of AHCC® will give your immune system an extra boost to get rid of foreign particles and health threats.* 

Does Research Support AHCC® Rx for Immune Health?

Yes. Human studies at multiple large institutions around the world have shown that AHCC® has a profound effect on people’s immune health.* Over 30 human clinical trials and 100 pre-clinical trials have supported the conclusion that AHCC® can be used to boost your immune health and improve your well-being.* 

Add AHCC® Rx to Your Routine

Protect your immune health with AHCC® Rx, a convenient health and wellness supplement.* Your immune system will function more efficiently and eliminate the health threats that you encounter.* 

You don’t have to struggle with feeling under the weather, even if everyone around you does. Pick up AHCC® Rx today for better immune health and a better quality of life.*

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