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What is the difference between CoQ10 and MicroActive® CoQ10?

Found in virtually every cell of the human body, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a key player in the body’s manufacturing of ATP – our main source of energy.* For this reason, CoQ10 helps fulfill the energy demands of the heart.* It has also been found that it may preserve cognitive function and reduce post exercise fatigue.*

However, unfortunately CoQ10 is poorly absorbed by many. The two primary reasons are: large particle size and slow transit. CoQ10 molecules occur naturally in crystals, bound to each other in a form that is too large for cells to absorb. CoQ10 is also fat-soluble, and is relatively difficult to transport through the digestive system as compared to molecules that are water-soluble.

Some products attempt to overcome these poor absorption issues and attract customers with high CoQ10 doses. The issue with this type of resolution is that the higher the dose,  the lower the percentage is that the body absorbs. Spacing out consumption could have some benefit, but it is inconvenient and may lead to inconsistent dosing. Finally, a number of individual factors such as diet, age, cholesterol levels, and gender create large differences from person to person in the quantities of and time required for CoQ10 absorption.

This is where MicroActive® CoQ10 steps in….

It delivers the CoQ10 to the body in a special micronized, sustained-release matrix. Not only does MicroActive® CoQ10 have 3X better bioavailability than regular CoQ10, but the CoQ10 is released over a span of 24 hours. That means it stays in the blood longer – and is therefore active longer.

A pilot human study found that MicroActive® CoQ10 at least doubles serum CoQ10 levels in three weeks among 100% of users.  This is a relief for all consumers to hear since CoQ10 absorption varies so drastically from person to person and most “improved bioavailability” forms of CoQ10 are not universally

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