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Your Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

Black Friday is notorious for being a rushed, busy, and urgent shopping day. Everyone wants to score the best on holiday gifts. Sometimes, Black Friday shopping is a multiple-day ordeal; some people camp outside stores, waiting for the doors to open. 


This Black Friday, you will need lots of energy to keep up with the shopping rush. We have compiled a Black Friday shopping survival guide to help you feel your best in time for the holiday discounts. 

Set Your Alarm

There is a good chance you already know some of the deals you are after on Black Friday. Some online shopping sites allow you to browse Black Friday deals before the items are available for sale. Set a reminder on your phone around the time that the discounted items launch. 


If you are shopping in-store, be sure to set an early wake-up alarm so you can get to the store before the crowd. This will help you get the best items before they sell out. 

Know the Store Layout

It is essential to know where each item is stocked before entering if you are shopping in person. It will be challenging to find all of your desired items as the crowd grows. You can visit the store before Black Friday to get a feel for where they keep their items. 


Some important departments to locate include:


  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Arts and crafts
  • Home decor
  • Beauty
  • Holiday section


These areas of the store will likely contain the most shoppers. Many stores put out deals for these hot-button items on Black Friday because they make good holiday gifts. 

Stay Healthy

It can be hard to stay healthy around the holiday season. If you plan to shop in person, where you can find the most deals, you will need energy and vitality. Our immune support supplements AHCC® Gold and AHCC® Platinum are great tools for boosting your immune system daily. These supplements contain a medicinal mushroom extract that helps your immune cells defend against harmful invaders.* 


As the holiday season approaches, it is essential to have good immune system health so that you can enjoy the Black Friday shopping experience. AHCC® Gold is our 500 mg immune support supplement, while the AHCC® Platinum supplement is 750 mg. Both are incredibly effective at helping your immune system function properly to keep you feeling your best for the holidays.* 

Get Plenty of Sleep

The night before Black Friday is the best time to catch up on sleep. You do not want to feel sluggish and irritable as you try to catch the best discounts in the stores. Getting a good night of rest before Black Friday shopping will help you stay on your game as you hunt for the best deals. We recommend going to bed earlier than you usually would. Most stores open early on Black Friday, and the crowds begin to gather quickly. 

Stay Energized

Black Friday shopping can be a very tiring process. From traveling between stores to hunting online for the best discounts, shopping during Black Friday requires a lot of energy. This can be difficult after you have just eaten delicious holiday treats the night before. 


Our Oligonol® health supplement will help you maintain high energy levels as you embark on your Black Friday shopping.* This supplement contains compounds that fight against free radical damage*, which ages and slows down your body. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, it is a good idea to begin a regular Oligonol® supplement routine. 

Pre-Select Coupons and Vouchers

Whether you are shopping online or in-store on Black Friday, it is a good idea to have all of your coupons prepared. The stores will be busy, and items will sell out fast, so you may not have time to cut out vouchers for the best deals. 


Veteran Black Friday shoppers will have their discount slips ready to hand to the cashier. You can stay ahead of the crowd by pre-selecting the coupons and vouchers you want to use on Black Friday. 

Make a Black Friday Itinerary

Planning is key to maximizing your savings during Black Friday. Make a plan for which stores you plan to visit during different times of the day. This will help you stay organized and avoid the stress of figuring out where to go next. You are less likely to miss out on great deals if you have your shopping trips scheduled. 

Avoid Solo Shopping

While it is okay to shop by yourself during Black Friday, having at least one other person with you is always a good idea. That way, you have someone else to help you scout out items that you both want. You can divide and conquer the shops, even if you plan to shop online. Things will sell out quickly, so having an extra pair of eyes will be very helpful.

Prioritize Items

The truth is that you probably will not get all of the items on your list during Black Friday shopping. Other shoppers empty store shelves quickly, and some things are just not worth the hassle. You can make a list of items you want to prioritize, then walk away from all other items when they become hard to obtain. If you spend too long waiting in line for one particular gift, you can miss out on multiple different things on your list. 

Remain Stress-Free This Black Friday

Black Friday shopping does not have to be stressful. You can manage your shopping using organizational tactics and enlisting the help of others. Black Friday is the best day of the year to score deals on items that are usually expensive or low in stock. But if you do feel stress mounting, be sure to check out PureBalance Serotonin.* 


If you follow our Black Friday shopping survival guide, chances are you will score the items you want. Your loved ones will appreciate your dedication to Black Friday shopping when they receive their gifts. 

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