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Your New Year Glow Up: The Secret to Healthy Skin


This New Year, we want you to be able to glow from the inside out with healthy skin! Your skin is your first impression on the world, after all, and there’s no better time to check in on skin health than the New Year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get radiant skin for the New Year with Quality of Life premium skin supplements
  • Juvecol® provides collagen and other nourishing ingredients so your skin can look radiant this New Year
  • Oligoderm™ protects and rejuvenates your skin for a more radiant, glowing complexion this New Year*

Purchase Juvecol® and Oligoderm™ so you can show off your best skin during the New Year!

Table of Contents:

  • Why Your Skin Loses Elasticity and Radiance over Time
  • Juvecol®: The Most Complete Collagen Supplement
  • BioCell Collagen®
  • The Skin Health Benefits of Juvecol®*
  • Oligoderm™: Repair and Rejuvenate Your Complexion*
  • How Oligonol® Benefits Your Skin*
  • Niacinamide for Improved Skin Tone*
  • Use Juvecol® and Oligoderm™ for Skin Radiance This Year*

Why Your Skin Loses Elasticity and Radiance over Time

Collagen is the structural protein that holds your skin together and keeps it firm. Elastin gives your skin the ability to snap into shape after it has been pulled or impacted. As you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin. This loss is normal and natural, and the process can start as early as your 20s.

Your body also starts to produce less of the nourishing compounds you need for radiant skin. This change leads to dull skin tone, wrinkles, and dryness. 

Hyaluronic acid is an important compound that your skin needs for plumpness, cushioning, and hydration. It also stimulates collagen production to keep your complexion firm and youthful. 

Proteoglycans are also important for keeping your skin elastic and tight. When your skin has fewer proteoglycans to work with, you may experience looseness and sagging.

Many collagen supplements contain only raw collagen, which is not all that it takes to get radiant skin for the New Year

With Quality of Life’s well-rounded skin supplements, you can look forward to enhancing your skin’s appearance and protecting it from aging and injury.* 

Juvecol®: The Most Complete Collagen Supplement 

Juvecol® is our premium collagen supplement with added nourishing ingredients.*

Unlike mainstream collagen supplements, Juvecol® contains the three most important compounds for healthy skin: proteoglycans, elastin, and usable collagen. 

Many other collagen supplements on the market are sold in powder form. They contain a weak concentration of usable collagen, so it would take too many capsules to be effective. 

Juvecol® is much more concentrated and easily absorbed by your body.* Your body can use the collagen in Juvecol® to improve your skin’s appearance and health.* 

If you want to keep your skin youthful, radiant, and strong, Juvecol® is the perfect supplement for you.*

BioCell Collagen®

There are different forms of collagen peptides throughout your body. BioCell Collagen® is the main ingredient in Juvecol®. This patented form of collagen is made of 60% type II collagen peptides, the same fibers that make up your connective tissues. 

This ingredient also contains 30% chondroitin sulfate and 10% hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Juvecol® keeps your skin plump and hydrated.* 

Chondroitin sulfate promotes skin durability and increases your skin’s ability to heal from minor injuries.* We added chondroitin sulfate to Juvecol® to make your skin stronger against the world.* 

BioCell Collagen® is easily absorbed into your body.* Its low molecular weight makes it more usable and thus more effective when you take it in supplement form.* 

Two separate human clinical trials showed that BioCell Collagen® increases skin’s youthfulness and elasticity.* This is a high-quality skin ingredient that is backed by science and research.* 

The Skin Health Benefits of Juvecol®*

Some of the potential benefits of Juvecol® include:

  • Reduced wrinkles*
  • Skin hydration*
  • Increased skin elasticity*
  • Increased skin durability and regeneration*
  • Youthful plumpness*
  • Reduced pore size*
  • Reduced blotchiness* 

These qualities are important when it comes to getting radiant skin for the New Year. So, get that glow up underway with the perfect anti-aging skin supplement that boosts radiance, moisture, and durability: Juvecol®.* 

Oligoderm™: Repair and Rejuvenate Your Complexion*

Oligoderm™ is another wonderful skin supplement that strengthens and repairs your complexion.* 

Your skin can become damaged over time from several factors:

  • Sun exposure
  • Aging
  • High sugar consumption
  • Smoking
  • Environmental toxins
  • Rough pulling and tugging (impact)

Oligoderm™ was formulated by a nutrition scientist to create an optimal environment for your skin to thrive.* There are two main ingredients in Oligoderm™: Oligonol® and niacinamide. These work to protect and replenish your skin in the face of the daily damage it may encounter.* 

How Oligonol® Benefits Your Skin*

Oligonol® is our patented antioxidant blend formulated with lychee fruit and green tea extract.* We use Oligonol® as an ingredient because of its nourishing and protective qualities.* 

Clinical studies have shown significant skin improvements when participants used Oligonol® as directed.* 

Oligonol® supports improved circulation throughout your body.* With good circulation, blood can flow to various parts of your skin to deliver oxygen and other important nutrients. Because of the healing nature of improved circulation, Oligonol® can help reduce wrinkles, brown spots from aging and sun damage, and blemishes from minor skin injuries.* 

Oligonol® is full of antioxidants, which are important anti-aging compounds.* Antioxidants protect against free radical damage throughout your body — damage that increases naturally with age.

Oligonol® effectively supports overall skin health and slows the signs of aging!* 

Use Niacinamide for Improved Skin Tone*

Oligoderm™ contains niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3. Niacinamide improves your skin tone by making it more even and reducing redness.* 

Many participants in two clinical trials experienced less flakiness and fewer rough patches on their skin after using niacinamide.* This means that niacinamide has great potential for smoothing and evening your skin tone.* 

If you struggle with a dull skin tone, rough, scaly patches, and excessive redness, the niacinamide in Oligoderm™ may reduce these skin problems for you.* 

Use Juvecol® and Oligoderm™ for Skin Radiance This Year and Let Your Glow Up Commence*

If you want to put your best face forward and get radiant skin for the New Year, these supplements are exactly what you’re looking for.* Grab your Quality of Life skin health supplements today and get your glow on!

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