VitaPQQ®-SR helps protect the mitochondria –the “power plant” of our cells- from free radical damage and to help generate new mitochondria.

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Unlike ordinary PQQ supplements, VitaPQQ-SR features MicroPQQ, a special micronized, 8 hour sustained-release matrix using patent-pending MicroActive® technology.


  • Delivers sustained release for over 8 hours- While regular PQQ almost entirely leaves the bloodstream 8 hours after administration, MicroPQQ remains active for a longer period. 

  • Achieve higher levels of PQQ over time- One hour after administration blood levels of PQQ were higher for MicroPQQ than regular PQQ and stayed that way for the remainder of the test period.

  • Maintains 2x more bioavailable than regular PQQ- Since MicroPQQ spends more time in the bloodstream than regular PQQ, the body begins to absorb and utilize it twice as much.  

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VitaPQQ®-SR features PQQ (as MicroPQQ) in a micronized, sustained-release matrix made with patent-pending MicroActive® technology, so the PQQ is released over time. A pilot human study showed that compared with regular PQQ, MicroPQQ achieves higher blood levels over time, delivers sustained release over 8 hours and is 2x more bioavailable.

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Q: Does PQQ interact with any medications?

A: There have not been any documented interactions between PQQ and other medications. However, please consult with a medical professional if you do have any specific concerns about possible interactions with medications you are taking.

Q: What is the difference between CoQ10 and PQQ?

A: Both CoQ10 and PQQ play separate roles in the body’s production of energy, specifically relating to mitochondria – the tiny structures within cells that produce energy.* PQQ is a nutrient that works to protect existing mitochondria from damage and promote mitochondrial biogenesis (i.e. the production of new mitochondria).* CoQ10  is a vitamin-like substance present in virtually every cell of the human body that aids in the mitochondria’s production of energy.  

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So far so good..

I've only been taking this for a month now, along with Ubiquinol from Mercola (if Quality of Life Labs offered Ubiquinol I would buy it from them) and I do notice a difference. I feel more competent, like I can read a complex article and understand it. I've been taking it 3x/day since my ubiquinol is not SR. This makes it very expensive - they should offer it in larger size bottles at a discount. Or, combine it with Ubiquinol in a SR formulation.