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5 Tips for going straight to work from the gym


Time is of the essence in the morning and you may need to prioritize, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout. One way you can save time is by going straight from the gym to the office. This is no small feat, but we have some tips that can ease the transition from the tread to the board room.

Be Prepared

Pack your gym bag the night before. Include your work outfit, along with hair styling tools, and any products you use in your get-ready routine. Make sure you pack rubber flip flops since you will be using a public shower that can be filled with bacteria. Pack a towel in-case your gym does not offer towel service – pack one even if they do… we have noticed that gym towels seem to have less real-estate compared to traditional bath towels. Put shampoo and conditioner into refillable bottles rather than buying travel-sized bottles - this cuts back on waste and saves you money.

Fuel right

Adding exercise to your routine means you will be burning more calories. Make sure you pack healthy on-the-go snacks so you can keep your energy levels up! Some great options that you can easily throw in your bag are; a banana, single-serving nut packages, protein bars, or trail mix! Also, don’t forget the importance of hydration. Always be sure to bring a water bottle. 

Fuel everything

Your body is not the only thing that has to be fueled – make sure your gas tank is filled the night before! Having to stop for gas on the way to the gym will cut into your valuable workout time.

Have a plan

Plan your workout before entering the gym, or sign- up for a class. This way you will not be wasting time wandering around the gym trying to decide what workout to do. Also, have a plan for those sweaty workout clothes! Don’t just shove them back into your gym bag… this is an easy way to grow bacteria.

Go shopping!

There are also a few products that can exponentially improve your ability to get ready in any gym locker room. Silk hair ties, dry shampoo, and make-up removing face wipes. Take our word for it – making a small investment in these items will save you time and reduce your stress.

We hope these tips take the stress out of your pre-work workout!

Did we miss a tip?

Let us know in the comments. 

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