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8 Ways to Make the Most of the Last Days of Summer

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Summer vacations tend to end when you finish college. For most working adults, summer is a season where they’re required to work. And unless there’s a planned break within this time period, summer could burn you out. So, whether you’ve actually gone away for vacation or had staycation, here are some tips to make the most of the last days of summer:

 1. Enjoy the Water

 Whether you’re nearby an ocean, lake, river, creek or a community pool — get out there and enjoy the water. Play and splash, skip rocks or go fishing or maybe even host a water balloon fight. Whatever form it takes, water is deeply therapeutic for your body and mind.

 2. Watch a Movie

Hollywood is known to release fun, action-packed films throughout the course of the summer. Go hit the movie theater, or catch a movie in the park with some friends and pack a picnic. If you have kids, bring along some glow-in-the dark necklaces to keep them occupied as they play in the dark.

 3. S’more It Up

Whether you’re going camping or hosting a backyard bonfire, making s’mores can be an event on its own. Have friends bring over a number of different chocolates to create a s’more bar. Maybe cut up some fresh fruit like peaches and plums to add some variety in the possible s’more creations.

 4. Go on a Hike

Take the family to your local nature park and go on a hike. Bring a picnic along and discover new trails you may not have taken before. Take it up a notch and plan it for sunset so that when you’re at that spot with the best view, you can enjoy the evening light show with your loved ones. Just be sure to pack flashlights or headlamps for the hike back.

5. Be a Tourist

We’re creatures of habit. We tend to go to the same places over and over again and avoid veering off path from the familiar. So why not take this time to visit places around your town or city that you may have not visited previously? Whether it’s a petting zoo or a historical sight, go and explore your city with the curiosity of a tourist.

6. Plan for Fall

Get amped up for the new season! Start your autumn bucket list. Apple picking with the family? Hay bale rides? That Zombie-themed 5k? Go ahead and put it on your list and get excited.

7. Plan a Weekend Getaway

This is especially important for the folks that stayed home all summer! Plan a weekend getaway with your loved ones, whether it’s a weekend camping trip or antiquing at a town you’ve been wanting to explore, or a spa weekend away. Whatever it is, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready for the new season.

 8. Tackle your Summer Bucket List

Take the time to review your summer bucket list and see how much you were able to check off. Never started one? It’s not too late to start. Give yourself one challenge to complete every couple of days: maybe make a new friend, go on a road trip, learn how to make homemade yogurt. Whatever strikes your curiosity, take these last days of summer to follow it where it may lead you.



With Fall approaching fast, we hope you can get out and spend time with your loved ones.


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