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A Guide to the Hottest Singles Day Sales!

We all know of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as some of the best days to score a deal. But have you heard of Singles Day? This is a hidden gem when it comes to stocking up on your favorite items at a fraction of the regular price! Singles day is a shopping event that originated in China, but we have adopted the tradition and would love to help you participate in the Singles Day Festival this year. Here's some Singles Day History and a guide to the best Singles Day steals you won't want to miss. 


As the name suggests, Singles Day originated as an unofficial celebration of a person's singledom, founded in the 1990s by Chinese university students. The date selected was 11/11, full of 1's to symbolize solo individuals. 


The holiday later transformed into a massive one-day shopping event thanks to the Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba. In 2009, the retailer realized Singles Day could be an opportunity to profit from single consumers by providing an occasion to shop for themselves. 


As time went on, more and more retailers desired to participate in this day - making it a great time to score deals whether you are single or not!


Discounted Products to Check Out

There are plenty of sales to find on Singles Day, from clothing and candies to flowers or your favorite foods. Our favorites include supplements that boost your overall wellbeing, mood, and more!


At Quality of Life, we will be offering you a special Singles Day discount. All our products will be available at a lower-than-average price point, with no exclusions! Making the most of this one-day sale is a great way to prioritize wellness without breaking the bank.


Picking up a bottle of Curcumin-SR is a great way to guarantee you're getting the most out of your curcumin supplement. Standard curcumin supplements are not easily absorbed by your body, resulting in little to no effect from taking them. Curcumin-SR features MicroCurcumin™, which delivers curcumin in a special micronized, sustained-release matrix. Not only does the MicroCurcumin Complex have 10x better bioavailability than regular curcumin, but the curcumin is also released over 12 hours. That means it stays in the blood longer – and is, therefore, active longer.

AHCC® is a mushroom extract you'll want to stock up on! Providing immune-boosting benefits, AHCC® is unlike most medicinal mushroom extracts due to its low molecular weight of just 5,000 daltons. It is rich in alpha-glucans, increasing absorption and efficacy. With superior supporting research, AHCC® is used in roughly 1,000 clinics worldwide. Choose between AHCC® Kinoko Platinum or Gold! Both contain the same amazing ingredient. The only difference is the dosage! Having trouble choosing which is suitable for you? Check out our blog for advice! 

Oligonol® is another Singles Day discount supplement that you must get your hands on! This exciting product is designed to improve circulation. Did you know that improving your circulation is one way to reduce cold hands and feet? Other benefits include skin beauty, visceral fat reduction, and sports performance benefits. Oligonol is a one-stop shop for wellness. 

Serotonin (PureBalance™) is the best of the best when it comes to natural solutions for mood support. This supplement provides your body with the raw material required to create serotonin, which is the feel-good hormone in your body. Not only will this supplement help to safely and gently lift your mood, but it may also support better sleep, stress management and improve your immune system!*

Make the Most of Your Singles Day Celebration

We hope you grab the best steals for yourself this Singles Day. Be sure to include Quality of Life on your shopping list! To take advantage of our Singles Day promotion, use the code QOL11 at checkout. This code will be active for 24 hours only! Starting at 12am on 11/11. You will automatically save 11% on your entire order - no exclusions!  

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