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What is AHCC? Platinum or Gold - Which Is Best For You?

Your immune system is your body's defense against unwanted invaders lurking in the environment. Neglecting your immune health can have serious consequences. If you want to remain healthy all year round, our AHCC® Platinum and Gold supplements can help with that.*

AHCC® Immune Supplement

Our immune supplements are made from a revolutionary ingredient or medicinal mushroom root, AHCC.

A cultured extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots), AHCC® is one of the world’s most researched specialty immune ingredients. This ingredient helps to activate your immune system, and can prevent immune complications before they arise.*

AHCC® has been thoroughly studied for its effects on the human immune system. Over 30 human trials have been conducted to research the efficacy and safety of AHCC®. Many prestigious medical institutions have examined AHCC®, concluding that it significantly boosts immune function and health.*

Quality of Life® AHCC® Products

We offer premium AHCC® supplements in two strengths: AHCC® Platinum and AHCC® Gold. Both of these immune supplements are incredibly effective for boosting immune health.* The only difference is that AHCC® Gold contains 500 mg of AHCC® per capsule, while AHCC® Platinum contains 750 mg per capsule.

We are dedicated to producing the most useful, healthy supplements to increase your quality of life. Your immune system can benefit immensely from these preventative supplements, as they increase immune activity and promote healthy cells.*

Benefits of AHCC®

AHCC® was specifically designed for immune-boosting benefits. As you supplement AHCC® in your daily regimen, you're likely to notice significant improvements in your immune system's wellbeing.*

Maintain Optimal NK Cell Activity*

AHCC® has been shown to help your body maintain proper levels of NK cell activity.* NK cells are responsible for ridding your body of harmful cells. They are a type of white blood cell that is crucial for your immune system to protect you. By supplementing AHCC®, your immune system will keep NK cells at optimal function.*

Boost Dendritic Cell Function*

Another great benefit of AHCC® is its dendritic-cell boosting property.* Dendritic cells mediate between harmful cells that your body recognizes and your other immune warrior cells.

When a foreign cell type invades the body, dendritic cells help your immune system recognize it and find ways to fight it off. AHCC® works to increase the functionality of dendritic cells.*

Enhance Action of Defense Cells*

Similar to dendritic cells, macrophages and T-cells are involved in recognizing invaders to trigger your immune response. This recognition is what keeps harmful organisms from taking over your body. AHCC® enhances the activity of these critical immune cells, thus improving your immune health.*

Improve Immune Cell Communication*

Cytokines are like immune system messengers. They provide essential information to other immune cells about the state of your health.

This information is important when your body's immune response is triggered, and cells must work together to fight off the threat. AHCC® promotes the production of cytokines to increase communication between your immune cells.*

Efficacy of AHCC®

Our AHCC® Platinum and AHCC® Gold supplements have received many 5-star reviews. Over ten years, subjects of a placebo-controlled clinical trial reported immune system improvements with no diminishing effects.* Therefore, AHCC® is beneficial to your body when used long-term and continues to improve your immune health.*

Many immune-building treatments are time-intensive, costly, and ineffective. Our AHCC® supplements are quick and easy. You simply take the supplement and let the AHCC® do its work. AHCC® is an excellent supplement for everyone, even people who lead hectic lifestyles.

Scientific Research on AHCC®

It is understandable to be skeptical of any simple fix for your health problems. AHCC® is a compound that has been thoroughly researched using reliable scientific trials in humans.* Large, reputable universities and clinics have researched AHCC® and found amazing results in the immune health of their subjects.*

Over 30 scientific studies have shown the positive effects and safety of AHCC®.* The research has shown that AHCC® is absorbed efficiently into the body and takes action very early compared to other immune-boosting supplements.*

This helpful supplement means that you do not have to wait for painful, expensive wellness treatments to improve your immune health.

Candidates for AHCC® Supplementation

Most people can take our AHCC® Platinum and Gold supplements to boost their immune health.* After all, doesn't everyone want to live a life free of health concerns?


No matter your age, lifestyle, or state of health, you can benefit from boosting your immune system to fight off bodily ailments. AHCC® provides such benefits without the hassle of medical procedures.*

Safety Warnings

There are very few potential problems with consuming AHCC®*, but it is important to consider speaking with your doctor before using this supplement if you have specific conditions.


The Quality of Life® Advantage

At Quality of Life®, we are passionate about providing natural, safe, and truthful products for your health and wellness. Our supplements offer a wealth of benefits for your body.*

We are one of the few supplement retailers that guarantee our products are backed by science-based evidence. Each product undergoes trials, testing, and quality assurance before it hits the shelves. We are dedicated to your health and wellness.

Our AHCC® Platinum and Gold supplements have proven benefits.* The mycelia root has shown numerous health benefits over the years, and we want to share those health benefits with you. Our product statements are 100% truthful and based on research that you can review yourself. Integrity and honesty are the core values of Quality of Life®.

Buy AHCC® Today

You won't regret purchasing our AHCC® Platinum and Gold supplements. A healthy immune system leads to a happier life. Our AHCC® supplements are convenient, safe, and natural.* What's not to love!

Boost your immune system by buying AHCC® Platinum and Gold supplements today!

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