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Be in Your Best Shape and Health This Summer

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And just like that, Summer is almost here! Summer is always a good time to be motivated to get your body looking its best, and of course, healthy! After all, you can’t have a strong body unless you have a tougher immunity.

What are some of the best ways to get a strong body and healthy immunity in time for summer?

1.   Review your daily menu

Almost everything that makes us healthy goes through our gut. Our gut contains good microorganisms that are critical for a lot of body functions, and the most critical of them all is maintaining immunity. The best way to optimize immunity is therefore to optimize what we eat, and this means revisiting our daily or weekly menu and start being more conscious about what we ingest.

It will seem difficult at first, especially since you would be excluding a lot of unhealthy options, but if you do it slow and be consistent, it will be just like your daily routine.

Also, picking only the healthy or gut-friendly foods can also translate to getting that amazing body you’ve always dreamed about. No fancy diets, no eating programs, just eating what’s good for the gut.

2.   It’s time to start lifting and running again

Every one of us has had difficulty going to the gym or just doing exercise outside our homes for a long time, but with proper  precautions, you can return to your old fitness practices.

Exercise not only gives you strong muscles and a well-defined physique, but also helps your immune system adjust to different kinds of stressors.

3.   Sleep is critical for a strong body and immunity

Sleep is often the most slept on part of health because people have been conditioned to think doing something is better than doing nothing. However, sleep is perhaps half of what comprises a good-looking body and a strong immunity.

Only sleep can the body focus on recovery. This means it repairs damaged tissues, replenishes lost nutrient stores, balances hormones, and prioritizes muscle growth. If you have poor sleeping habits, you will have difficulty getting in shape and you will be more at risk for negative health effects.

Supplements that can help boost immunity

A healthy diet, consistent exercise, and good sleeping habits can get you to a good start on the path to an amazing body and an even more amazing immunity. However, there are supplements out there that can help give you an even bigger boost for your efforts.


Oligonol® is our pick to help you with your weight loss efforts. It contains a combination of green tea and lychee fruit polyphenols that promote fat oxidation. The higher your fat oxidation rate, the more fat you’ll be burning naturally. *


AHCC® is a type of mushroom that is helpful for the immune system. It functions as an antioxidant that also stimulates our body to upgrade its defenses against disease-causing microorganisms. *


Body odor comes from what we eat, specifically the not-so-healthy compounds that remain in our blood stream. Deodorex® helps clean up our system, allowing for a more efficient detoxification process that not only eliminates odor-causing substances from our system, but also enhances kidney health and function. *


Probiopure™ promotes optimal gut health naturally through a strain called Morinaga BB536, a new strain that promotes gut microbial diversity and nutrient absorption. *


Summertime has always been about looking your best. However, people forget that to get a beautiful exterior, you must first be beautiful on the inside. You can do this by adapting a regular exercise routine, healthy sleeping habits, and a well-rounded diet. You can also boost your summer efforts by taking supplements geared towards optimizing metabolism, detoxification, immunity, and gut health.

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