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Do you know what to ask your doctor regarding Heart Health?


Since we are sharing heart health tips all month long – your QOL family would like to help you by suggesting a few questions to start a conversation with your doctor in regards to your cardiovascular system. When it comes to your health nothing replaces a discussion with your doctor or health care provider. Since time with your doctor is limited it is important to arrive at your appointment with a list of questions prepared in order to reap the most benefit out of the conversation. Here are some of the questions that we think are most important:

  • Based on my family history, am I at risk for cardiovascular disease?
  • Based on my personal history, am I at risk for cardiovascular disease?
  • Do my cholesterol levels put me at risk for cardiovascular disease?
  • Is my blood pressure within the normal range?
  • If my blood pressure is high, can you suggest a few ways for me to work to reduce it?
  • Is my weight within a healthy range to help prevent cardiovascular diseases?
  • What sort of plan do you recommend for me to lower my risk?
  • What kind of physical exercise is right for me?

We would also like to highlight some female specific questions:

  • Can taking birth control pills or using a birth control patch increase my risk for heart disease?
  • How will menopause affect my risk for heart disease?

Having open lines of communication between you and your doctor is one of the most important things you can do for your health. If you feel like you are not able to have open discussion with your doctor – you should consider getting a second opinion.

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