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Feeling Blue? It Could Be Your Gut Health

When we're sad or just not 'feeling it', unfortunately, for many of us, the first thing we do is look for a snack. This might be due to an imbalance in the chemicals in your brain, but the fact of the matter is that eating (or drinking) is the end result for many of us.

When we're in a bad mood, why do we try to compensate with food? Experts say the secret lies inside our gut, specifically our gut microbes. The gist of it is, when we eat foods that promote gut bacterial growth, we are more likely to remain positive or happy. Of course, when we eat foods that harm them, we don't feel so good.

Why do gut microbes affect mood?

Here are some of the reasons why gut health can drive our mood:

Gut health is strongly linked to stress

Whenever we feel stressed out about something, we almost often simultaneously have stomach problems. It's that feeling of stomach pain, even though there's no reason for it to hurt. When we feel anxious, we describe it as having "butterflies" in our stomach. Some people feel nauseous when about to be confronted by something stressful or problematic.

When we feel overwhelmed, our coping mechanism is to eat even though we're not hungry. Some experts believe this is our gut microbes saying they're experiencing a chemical or nutrient imbalance, and something sweet or salty might help as a quick fix, and it works!

Then, we also have to consider how our emotions affect our gut. When we feel excited, we get the urge to urinate. When we're sad, we sometimes lose our appetite.

Gut microbes are responsible for hundreds of brain chemical production

The brain and gut are interconnected. This means that one produces chemicals that affect the other. In this case, our gut microbes produce brain chemicals for mental processes such as memory, learning, and mood. In fact, 95% of the "mood" hormone serotonin is produced by gut bacteria. This would explain why food affects our mood so much.

Highly inflammatory foods can affect our mental state

It's no secret that the food we eat determines our overall health, but few know that it also directly affects our mental wellbeing. For instance, a 2018 study suggests that a healthy, balanced diet (such as the famous Mediterranean diet) can protect against negative or poor moods.

Experts also agree that highly processed foods might cause mood disorders, and this is due to an unhealthy level of inflammation.

Processed foods have additives and other ingredients included to make the food tasty and cheap artificially. These "extra" ingredients are highly inflammatory, and our gut microbes will suffer. Processed foods are also often devoid of nutrients, nutrients our gut microbes need.

Take charge of your mood with ProbioPure

The science surrounding probiotics is sound, with many experts saying probiotics indeed help maintain a healthy gut. This also translates to a healthier mindset or better mood. For this reason, we developed ProbioPure, a probiotic supplement powered by Morinaga BB536.

Morinaga BB536 is a proprietary strain of B.longum, a probiotic known to support a healthy gut. Fighting against bloating, abdominal discomfort, and irregularity. It can also help the body rid itself of harmful compounds while raising the ratio of good gut microbes.*


Our mood is not all in our heads. In fact, most of it is actually in our stomachs. A healthy microbiome leads to a healthy mind. Keep your gut healthy by eating whole foods and maintaining a healthy routine. You can also take probiotic supplements like ProbioPure, a product designed to offer extra support for your gut health and digestion!

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