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How Long Does It Take for AHCC® to Work?


AHCC® typically comes in a 250 to 750 mg caplet or liquid form. There are many different ways of taking AHCC®, which can affect when and how you will feel the effects. The dosage you take may also determine how quickly you’ll feel the benefits of this supplement. 

Who Can Take AHCC®?
AHCC® in Higher Doses
AHCC® and Healthy Adults Over 50
Who Should Take AHCC®?
When To Start Taking AHCC®


Who Can Take AHCC®? 

Most AHCC® supplements are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free and can be administered to most people. There are few times that a doctor would advise against taking AHCC®, so it is very important to consult a doctor if you have gut problems or allergies to mushrooms.

Even those with mushroom allergies are known to respond well to AHCC®, as it rarely has incited a reaction. This may be because AHCC® is derived from mushroom stems, whereas the mushroom allergy is connected to the head of the mushroom. Still, it is important to consult a healthcare professional if you are unsure about your mushroom allergy. 

AHCC® may be safe for children, although there is no sufficient evidence for the safety of AHCC® in children. Children have vulnerable immune systems since they haven’t had much time to develop immunities, which is why kids get sick all the time! On top of that, schools can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, so it may be important to protect your child with an immune booster, especially during flu season.

AHCC® supplements that are specifically made for pets are also available. Your pet's immune system works a lot like yours; they could use some extra support! When your pet falls ill, AHCC® may help boost their immune system and spur their recovery in no time!


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The typical dose for healthy adults is four to six grams daily for six months. This is the average amount of time it takes to feel the full effects of AHCC®. AHCC® has been taken safely for up to nine years, but the dosage should be reduced to three grams a day. For children, you should consult a pediatrician for the appropriate dose of AHCC®. For pets, the dosage will vary depending on the weight of your animal. Consult a veterinarian for a recommended dose of AHCC® for pets. 

AHCC® supplements are sold in different dosages and potencies. The most popular caplets sold are available in a strength of 750 mg. For maximum benefits, take the caplet before meals. In the unlikely and rare event that you experience any stomach discomfort, take AHCC® with a meal. The average adult can take up to four caplets per day.


AHCC® in Higher Doses 

As mentioned, the standard dosages of AHCC® are three to six grams per day. However, in a clinical setting, doctors have administered up to nine grams per day for a time period of fourteen days. In a study conducted by Medvadis Research Corporation, twenty-six healthy volunteers were given nine grams of liquid AHCC® every day over the course of two weeks. The objective was to see if effects of AHCC® can be expedited and if there were any adverse reactions to this high dosage.

Most volunteers reported only mild intolerances to the liquid, such as diarrhea and nausea, but 85% of the group reported that the effects were mild and manageable. During the two weeks, routine lab work was conducted on each participant, and no abnormalities in vitals were observed. Therefore, it was concluded that in clinical settings and with doctor supervision, AHCC® can be taken in doses as high as nine grams.

AHCC® and Healthy Adults Over 50

The department of Internal Medicine at Yale University published a study on the effects of AHCC® on T-cell counts in healthy adults over 50 years old. These volunteers were administered three grams of AHCC® daily for 30 days and then were tested 30 days after discontinuing the dose. It was found that after the 30-day dose, T-cell counts increased, and thirty days after discontinuing the dose, the T-cell counts remained the same.* 

The study concluded that in healthy patients 50 years old and older, AHCC® may take about one month to start having an effect on the immune response.* 

T-cells are an essential part of the immune system because they remember information about immune system attackers and formulate plans to block them when the body is re-exposed. T-cells are a crucial part of the adaptive immune response. They are responsible for building up a body's immunity. AHCC® is suggested to have an effect in the production of T-cells. Therefore, taking AHCC® as an immune supplement can be quite beneficial, especially since the effects generally begin to set in after just a month.* 


Who Should Take AHCC®?


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Athletes may have suppressed immune systems. Athletes undergo extreme bodily stress on a daily basis between workouts and competitions. Therefore, their immune systems undergo stress having to rejuvenate cells quickly. A healthy immune system promotes muscle recovery and endurance. When an athlete is injured, the immune system may have to work overtime to heal. Therefore, AHCC® may be a great supplement that can support an immune system that is always under stress.* 

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Healthcare Workers

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Especially during this pandemic, it is important for healthcare workers to consider extra immune support. Although hospitals are sterile, viruses and bacteria come through every day, and the most susceptible to contracting those pathogens are the people who work at the hospital. T- cell production is increasingly important since T-cells are the white blood cells that remember viruses that come into the body and strategize how to fight against them when re-exposed. AHCC® may be an ideal supplement for extra immune support on the frontline.* 

College Students

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Between crowded dorms and lecture rooms, parties, and dining halls, college students are very susceptible to catching viruses. On top of the close living arrangements, college students are also susceptible to illnesses when they become stressed out with coursework. Stress hormones, on top of sleep deprivation, are the perfect poison for the immune system. Therefore, an immune supplement like AHCC® could benefit a student in their work and social life.*

It doesn’t matter your profession; AHCC® is perfect for anyone looking for immune support.* Even if you live a healthy lifestyle and don’t find yourself immune-suppressed, taking an immune booster could lessen your chances of spreading an illness to someone else who may be immunocompromised. All in all, there are only benefits to adding AHCC® to your daily routine.* 


When To Start Taking AHCC®

To get the best results of AHCC®, it is wise to begin taking it at least six weeks prior to your commitments. AHCC® will work best when properly absorbed over that course of time. If you do not want to take AHCC® long term, your best bet is to take it for six months at a time. This will ensure longer lasting benefits as opposed to the brief effects of taking AHCC® for a couple of weeks

But, as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter who you are, and it doesn’t matter what time it is. It’s never too late to begin taking AHCC® for extra immune support.*


The effects of AHCC® vary drastically depending on the person. But research shows that AHCC® can benefit almost anyone and that it is generally safe to be administered long term.* 

The average dosage period for AHCC® is six months because that is the average amount of time it takes for an individual to feel the full effects. However, the studies mentioned in this article reveal that immune response can be improved by AHCC® in as early as a month. In high doses that are clinically adminterested, the effects of AHCC® are evident within two weeks. Therefore, it is dependent on the circumstance and the individual. 

If you are to take AHCC® as a supplement to boost general immune health, four to six grams daily is a recommended dose for six months.* However, if you want to incorporate it into your lifestyle, you could take three grams a day for up to nine years. It is also safe to take AHCC® as needed when your immune system may need extra support.* 

In conclusion, it is important to take the recommended dosages, for the suggested time periods to experience the full benefits. It takes time for the immune system to rebuild and improve; therefore, patience is key!* Just leave it to AHCC® to support you in your pursuit of longevity and quality of life.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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