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How to Get Rid of Bloating Fast

Bloating is uncomfortable and can ruin quality time spent over a meal with family and friends. You might feel like you can’t wear what you want because you’re too bloated and swollen. 

Some bloating is normal, but excessive bloating is a sign that your digestive system may need help. We have the solution to get rid of bloating fast.* Follow this guide to beat the bloat and enjoy your meals without worry. 

What Causes Bloating?

You might be wondering why you experience bloating in the first place. What causes this common digestive problem? Is bloating a normal side effect of eating yummy foods? Food is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to bloating. There are a few possible causes of bloating that we will explore. 


If you find yourself packing in the calories during every meal, you’re likely to experience bloating afterward. Overeating can cause pain and discomfort, especially if you eat unhealthy foods. 

Eating past fullness can also be detrimental to your overall health, as it can make you gain weight. Your stomach is naturally small, around the size of an apple. When you overeat, you stretch your stomach muscles and cause bloating and discomfort. 

Poor Digestion

Your digestive system processes food, absorbs beneficial nutrients, and gets rid of extra compounds through waste. When your digestion is backed up, it can cause bloating and gas. Constipation, irritable bowels, and food intolerances can all affect your digestion in negative ways. 

The bacteria in your gut help break down food and speed up digestion. When your gut microbiome is off, your digestive system may not function properly. Gut bacteria imbalances can cause poor digestion and lead to excessive bloating after meals. 

Hormone Changes

Some women experience bloating around the time of their menstrual periods. This is part of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Certain hormone changes can impact the way your body processes food and holds on to water. 

PMS can also cause cravings for salty and sugary foods. As a result, you might find yourself feeling uncomfortable and bloated during certain days of your menstrual cycle. 

Salt and Sugar

Eating foods with lots of sodium and carbohydrates can cause major bloating. Salt causes your body to retain water and can lead to swelling. Carbohydrates also attract water, so you may feel more bloated after eating a carb-heavy meal. 

Processed foods like freezer meals, packaged snacks, and sweets contain a lot of sodium and carbohydrates. These are hot-ticket items for bloating and water retention. 

Beat Bloating with Supplements

Supplements are easy, convenient tools to beat bloating and go about your day without discomfort. 

At Quality of Life, we have three supplements that can help with bloating and digestion.* You can add these to your daily supplement regimen or take them directly after meals. Digestive discomfort doesn’t have to rule your life. 


Peptisol® is our premium digestive health supplement. This supplement fights symptoms of indigestion like bloating, nausea, and occasional heartburn.* If you find yourself uncomfortably full and in pain after a delicious meal, Peptisol® can alleviate your digestive symptoms.* 

Peptisol® contains ginger to help with nausea. Ginger has been a traditional nausea remedy for hundreds of years — that’s why many people reach for a ginger ale when they feel nauseated. Ginger inhibits the receptors in your stomach that lead to feelings of nausea.*

This supplement also contains a patented form of licorice root extract to combat indigestion and occasional heartburn.* Licorice root extract increases levels of protective mucus in your digestive system and reduces the acidity of your stomach fluids.* As a result, you experience less discomfort and heartburn.*

Artichoke leaf extract promotes regular bowel movements.* We included this extract in Peptisol® to help with diarrhea and constipation.* You shouldn’t have to deal with unpleasant trips to the bathroom after eating your favorite foods. 

Take Peptisol® to decrease bloating, nausea, heartburn, and other symptoms of indigestion.* 


Deodorex® treats bad body odors and neutralizes harmful chemicals in your system.* This odor-reducing supplement can improve your digestion by changing your gut microbiome.* Deodorex® decreases the amount of odor-causing bacteria in your digestive tract, which can also improve digestion and prevent bloating.* 

If you struggle with bad breath and foul body odor, Deodorex® is the supplement for you.* The ingredients in Deodorex® work to neutralize ammonia and other odor-causing chemicals so you can smell fresh and clean.* You don’t have to worry about poor digestion and buildup of food by-products in your blood when you take Deodorex®.* 

You can use Deodorex® as a mouth rinse and ingest it as a supplement daily. Deodorex® works well to combat bad breath when you mix the capsule contents with a small amount of water.* When food by-products clog your system, Deodorex® is there to help.


Oligonol® has many potential health benefits, one of which is to reduce belly fat.* This supplement contains lychee fruit and green tea extract to speed up your metabolism and help you shed extra pounds of visceral fat.* 

When you have excess abdominal fat, it can lead to feelings of heaviness and bloating. Oligonol® helps you burn through belly fat when you exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet.* 

Clinical studies have shown this supplement’s ability to reduce belly fat and keep your blood fat content at healthy levels.* If you want to improve your overall health, add Oligonol® to your daily supplement routine.*

Quality of Life Supplements

Taking supplements is a great way to beat bloating quickly.* Other bloating remedies can take days or weeks to become effective. 

At Quality of Life, we only use research-based ingredients that come from nature. Our promise to you includes protecting and supporting your digestive health. When you add these Quality of Life supplements to your routine, you can trust that your digestion will improve.* 

Pick up a bottle of at least one of these three anti-bloating supplements to improve your overall health as well as your digestive health.* Beating bloating doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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