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What is PQQ?
In 2003, Japanese researchers discovered pyrroloquinoline quinone, also known as PQQ or methoxatin. PQQ is an essential micronutrient found in human breast milk, soil and most foods, but is especially potent in kiwi, green peppers and parsley. This newly discovered vitamin acts as an enzyme booster in the Reduction Oxidation (REDOX) process.* Studies have shown PQQ’s impact on mitochondria, which provide our cells with energy, regulate cellular metabolism, store calcium and generate heat.* PQQ helps generate the mitochondria and improves their efficiency.* Known as the “powerhouses of the cell,” mitochondria are essential for a healthy body and mind.*
PQQ also has antioxidant and B-vitamin-like properties, which help reduce free radicals to prevent cell damage and promote a healthy inflammation response.* Taking a PQQ supplement enhances cognitive function and even maintains cholesterol levels already within healthy limits.*

What are the health benefits of taking PQQ?
While research remains ongoing, PQQ has already shown a wide range of benefits for the brain and body, including:*

1. Supports mitochondrial health*

As stated earlier, mitochondria are hugely important to our cells everyday function. PQQ has been shown to protect mitochondrial function and stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis, aka the generation of new mitochondria.* Taking a PQQ supplement combats mitochondria damage, which supports aging.*

2. Boosts your energy*

Mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy needed to sustain life and support organ function. In theory, since PQQ preserves mitochondrial function, that means more energy may be available for physical activity.* If you are looking for a natural and safe energy boost, PQQ could be the answer for you.*

3. Improves cognitive function*

Perhaps the most widely known health benefit of PQQ is its relation with improved cognitive function.* As the brain is the command center of the body, it uses up tons of energy and therefore needs a lot of mitochondria to produce that energy.* PQQ helps boost brain power by combatting mitochondrial dysfunction.* It also prevents oxidative stress, which occurs when there is a buildup of oxidative radicals in the body.*

4. Protects nerve cells and supports nerve growth factor*

Think of PQQ and the coenzyme Q10 as a match made in heaven. Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 protects nerve cells from damage through its antioxidant effects.* PQQ stimulates the production and release of nerve growth factor (NGF), which is key to maintaining and developing nerve cells, aka neurons.*

What makes our product different?
Our diverse PQQ products address a multitude of health issues, from mild memory problems associated with aging to low energy.* Read on to find out which PQQ formula is right for you!

  • VitaPQQ®: An overall healthy aging supplement at our best value, VitaPQQ has shown to promote mitochondrial health and support healthy aging, and boost your energy.*
  •  VitaPQQ®-SR: This special sustained-released formula features PQQ made with patent-pending MicroActive® technology, so the PQQ is released over time. A pilot human study showed that compared with regular PQQ, MicroPQQ achieves higher blood level over time, delivers sustained release over eight hours and is two times more bioavailable.
  • Enhanced VitaPQQ® with MicroActive® CoQ10: Research has shown that combining PQQ with coenzyme Q10 helps improve short-term memory and focus, protect nerve cells and support mitochondrial health.* This synergistic formula is specifically targeted for those suffering from mild memory problems associated with aging.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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