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New Year, Same You


Happy New Year! Ok QOL fam – let’s talk resolutions. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean you have to change everything about yourself. You’re great just the way you are! We often fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions because they are rooted in self-criticism, rather than self-love.

This year let’s re-write our resolutions! For example, resolutions focused on losing weight can have a negative effect on your outlook toward the goal.  An alternative resolution could be choosing to add some healthy habits to your routine such as; getting more exercise or eating healthier. Think of resolutions that add something to your life rather than restrict. How we speak to ourselves and how we word our goals is so important – so focus on setting productive resolutions this year that will help you love yourself better! 

Since your health is our main concern at QOL we put together a list of some self-love resolution ideas. Also, don’t worry if you already went off track from your original New Year’s resolution. That is ok! It probably wasn’t meant for you. We believe that the first week of January is just the trail week – you can still choose to commit to a new healthier New Year’s resolution!

Here are some healthy resolutions that we love:

1. Add more exercise to your routine – a body that moves regularly is a healthy body! Make it your goal to add at least one workout per week to your schedule in 2019. Remember it is better to set a small goal and stick to it than to try to attempt an overly ambitious goal and quickly abandon it.

2. Make healthy food choices – this means something different to everyone. Whether this means swapping French fries for a salad or committing to add one serving of vegetables to your day – any healthy swap will have a positive impact on your body.
3. Pick up a new hobby – this is a great resolution! All too often we choose resolutions that are restrictive, for example; cutting out sugar or giving up soda. This resolution is about adding! Develop and grow this year by trying new things. Some great options are a pottery class, singing lessons, or any musical instrument!
4. Get organized – let’s face it, most of us could be more organized. Organization is not a one-time quick-fix, it is a way of thinking – cleaning a mess will only go so far. You have to realize why your mess seems to always come back. Dis-organization is often caused by lack of mindfulness. Commit to being more mindful throughout all aspects of your daily routine.
5. Give back – grow by giving. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves, is actually doing something for someone else. Commit to adding an activity to your life that does something for others. Again - this means something different to everyone, for example you may want to give back by donating time to a local animal shelter or doing something for a family member that could use some help!

    We hope this helps you remember that you don’t have to change everything about yourself just because it is a new year. Choose one of these healthy resolutions or try them all! Share this blog with your friends and family so they can have healthy resolutions too.

    Happy New Year – let’s have a healthy 2019!

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