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Supplements That Complement Each Other

While many people regularly take vitamins and mineral supplements to improve physical and mental health, most don’t consider the strategic combinations that may offer increased benefits. Choosing supplements that work together may offer exponential benefits.

The human body’s nutritional needs for optimal health vary, but taking certain supplements together allows those supplements to work in harmony to provide optimal health benefits. In addition, combining nutrients that work toward a common goal can give a complete solution for your overall health. 

Immune System Support

The past few years have brought a new priority to supporting the body’s natural immune system. Quality of Life’s AHCC® - Kinoko Platinum and AHCC® - Kinoko Gold supplements are a clear choice for aiding the body’s defenses and supporting a balanced immune system.* 

While AHCC® is highly effective on its own, The benefits of ACCH® may increase by adding Melatonin-SR® to your supplement routine.* Melatonin supports high-quality sleep and offers immune support. Pairing these two powerhouse nutrients boosts your body’s overall function.*


AHCC® is Quality of Life’s patented hybridized medicinal mushroom extract with impressive immune support properties*. Using a blend of mushroom roots, AHCC® is an easily absorbed and effective supplement for boosting overall immunity.* 

Mushrooms have a long history of health and wellness; the use of medicinal mushrooms dates back to at least 3000 BCE. Proponents of the properties of mushrooms report their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and protective qualities and their work in immune modulation.* 

AHCC® harnesses the benefits of mushrooms to heal the body and support good health through an early activation of the immune system.


While primarily renowned as a supplement to assist in falling and staying asleep, melatonin may also offer immune support. Melatonin’s benefits in supporting immunity are diverse. 

First, the body needs sleep to work correctly for your immune system. People who don’t get enough sleep or who get low-quality sleep experience a decline in the function of their immune response, increasing their vulnerability and slowing down their recovery time. 

Additionally, the body’s natural decrease in plasma melatonin around the age of 60 coincides with the age-related impairment of the immune system. Studies investigating melatonin’s connection to immunity see a positive correlation in increased melatonin and the body’s immune function. 

Weight Loss Efforts

Weight loss is not the primary purpose of Oligonol® or Cartiflex®. However, these two powerful supplements offer support for those who are trying to lose weight.* Oligonol® supports circulation and works to protect against free radical damage. In addition, the supplement may offer increased energy and a healthy balance to immunity.* 

Cartiflex®’s support of joint health through collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate offers the potential to cushion and lubricate the joints and allow for a more active lifestyle.*


Containing both lychee fruit and green tea, Oligonol® works to support the three pillars of immunity: 

  • Circulation
  • Free radicals
  • Inflammatory response*

Oligonol® may offer the ability to relax the blood vessels, promoting circulation and increasing the body’s healthy immune response.* Working as an antioxidant, Oligonol® has the potential to fight off free radical damage, resulting in youthful skin, healthy aging, and higher energy levels.* 

Higher energy levels and a more robust inflammatory response can support weight loss efforts and aid the body’s overall health. 


Cartiflex®’s unique composition of BioCell® collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate works to restore joint flexibility and mobility.* Through its potential to add cushion and lubrication to the joints, Cartiflex® allows for a more active, healthy lifestyle, free of joint pain.*

Through its use of collagen peptides that offer increased absorption, Cartiflex® supplies the primary type of peptides found in joint cartilage.* In addition to collagen support, Cartiflex® contains additional joint support with chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

Chondroitin sulfate is a compound found in the body that helps form hyaline cartilage, a connective tissue that helps cushion the joints. Additionally, hyaluronic acid in the body works to calm the body’s inflammatory response and restore lubrication in the joints.

Cartiflex® combines a trifecta of compounds intended to bolster the integrity of the joints through BioCell® collagen, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid.* These supplements may contribute to pain-free movement that increases the ability to lead an active life.* 

Mental Health Support

PureBalance™ Serotonin supports serotonin production by providing the raw material your body needs to produce this vital chemical.* Serotonin boosts immunity and mood, restful sleep, and stress management capabilities. 

Cogni-Q™ aims to support brain function, cognitive health, and memory function.* Together, serotonin and Cogni-Q™ have the potential to provide a comprehensive bolster to overall mental health and wellness.*


Serotonin serves as a chemical messenger in the body, sending signals between your nerve cells. It’s considered to be a natural mood stabilizer that impacts every part of the body, from your emotions to motor skills. PureBalance™ Serotonin offers the body all of the raw materials it needs to produce serotonin naturally.* 

Serotonin boosts mood and sends signals throughout the body, but it also works to help the body adapt to stress and support immunity and sleep functions. Through improved mood and stress management, you may experience a boost in mental health and overall wellness. 

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