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The 4 Ways Seasonal Changes Harm Your Skin


When we talk about seasonal discomfort, the most common points of “attack” all involve our nose, throat, and eyes. From a runny nose and itchy throat to eye irritations and breathing problems, the changing seasons can really wreak havoc on our senses.

However, the skin also takes a good beating when it comes to seasonal discomforts, and here are the 4 things that happen to our skin when the season changes.

1.   Existing skin conditions can be aggravated

There are a lot of skin problems related to inflammation and they can be easily aggravated when the season changes. Simply encountering environmental pollutants or seasonal particles like pollen can cause symptoms of an otherwise healing skin condition. When your skin does feel itchy or just uncomfortable, do what you can to not scratch it or it can leave you with permanent scars.

2.   Redness and itching

Having itchy skin is nothing new, but some people just have it worse than others, especially when the season also becomes a factor. A bad problem becomes worse when you now include insect bites, poison ivy, and pollen into the mix. This is like what happens when you have a pre-existing skin condition, except this can become a new skin problem on its own. That simple bump could lead to a more serious skin condition if not treated.

3.   Dark circles and puffy eyes

Watery or puffy eyes are just plain uncomfortable. It makes us look like we got punched and our face is swollen which is both annoying and embarrassing. If you even so much as to try and rub your eyes, it may cause permanent skin damage.

4.   Dry skin

Some people just aren’t cut out for dry weather, and their skin does the talking. When you have dry skin, it can cause redness, “warmth,” and even bumps. Scratching your itch can lead to more bumps and redness.

How to deal with skin seasonal discomforts

The best way to deal with any skin discomfort is to stay away from the source or at least find ways to protect your skin from getting into contact with them. If you’re allergic to pollen or some plants, do your best to stay away from places where they are known to thrive or actively spread all over the place.

The second-best way to keep your skin healthy throughout any season is by taking skin-healthy supplements. For your skin, we recommend a combination of Allerfin®, Oligonol®, and ProBio Pure™.


Allerfin® is our #1 product for anything related to seasonal discomforts. It contains three key ingredients scientifically proven to help provide relief from skin irritations as well as give long-term health benefits, especially for immunity. The best part? It can protect more than just your skin, but also your nose, eyes, and even respiratory health!*


Oligonol® can help give your skin more resistance against inflammation. It’s packed with antioxidants that help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. It can even improve blood circulation which can boost nutrient absorption.*


ProBioPure™ is more than just the best probiotic supplement out there. It’s designed with Morinaga BB536, a strain known to directly support gut health and more. When you improve gut health, you are also improving your body’s ability to protect itself from seasonal discomforts.*

The best part about the three supplements we recommend? They’re made with natural ingredients.


The changing seasons can be trouble for our skin, and our skin already has a lot of things to deal with! Do your skin a favor and help it retain its glow and healthy feel by staying away from places that may irritate it and by simply living a healthy lifestyle. You can further support your skin health efforts by also taking Allerfin®, Oligonol®, and ProbioPure™, three of our best supplements when it comes to seasonal concerns.

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