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What is AHCC® and How Does it work? Your questions answered here!

Are you looking for immune system support to improve your overall health? AHCC® is a revolutionary immune support compound derived from medicinal mushroom roots.* 

With supplements like AHCC® Gold and AHCC® Platinum, you can boost your immune system defenses all year long.* AHCC® has changed the game when it comes to immune system support. 

Where AHCC® Comes From

Where do all of these amazing qualities of AHCC® come from? AHCC® is a patented blend of mycelia, which are beneficial mushroom roots. These cultured extracts have been studied across the world for their immune-supporting properties.* 

In many cultures, mushrooms are used to heal the body and support good general health. AHCC® combines these health traditions with cutting-edge research on effective immune mechanisms.* For this reason, AHCC® supplements are considered some of the world's most effective immune system support supplements.* 

AHCC® Kinoko

“Kinoko” means “mushroom” and is included in the AHCC® product names. AHCC® Kinoko Gold and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum symbolize the importance of healing mushroom root extracts in traditional Asian medicine. 

The history of kinoko medicine goes back thousands of years. Japanese medicine has included kinoko since ancient times. These special mushroom roots have shown healing properties and health benefits for many people throughout history. 

Why AHCC® Works

Some forms of medicinal mushroom extracts have high molecular weights. This quality makes them pass through the body less efficiently, and they are less bioavailable. AHCC® has a low molecular weight, allowing your body to absorb it quickly.*

AHCC® is full of alpha-glucans, which further increase this compound’s bioavailability in your body.* This allows your body to fully utilize the immune defense properties of AHCC® more efficiently than other medicinal mushroom extracts.*

What AHCC® Does for You

AHCC® functions in multiple ways to boost your immune system.* Whether you take AHCC® Gold or AHCC® Platinum, you will benefit from its immune system support properties.* AHCC® promotes immune cell production, maintains optimal levels of certain immune organisms, and more.*

Maintains Optimal NK Cell Activity*

NK cells are natural killer cells that eliminate health threats that enter your immune system. AHCC® regulates the activity of natural killer cells to ensure they are not overactive or underactive.* This helps your immune system target threats more efficiently and prevent unnecessary attacks.*

NK cells trigger cell death by threatening foreign bodies. They are very important in your everyday immune function as you encounter thousands of potential health threats. AHCC® Gold and AHCC® Platinum work to maintain optimal activity in NK cells.*

Promotes Cytokine Production*

Cytokines are important messengers between your active defenses and everyday immune functions. They trigger immune responses when the first round of immune defense does not neutralize a health threat properly. Cytokines can communicate within and outside of the immune system.

AHCC® promotes the production of cytokines.* Your immune system needs cytokines in order to thrive, and AHCC® provides higher amounts of them.* This supply helps your immune system remain in balance and effective against health threats.

Regulates T-Cell Activity*

AHCC® helps T-cells function properly within your immune system.* T-cells are important for recognizing specific health threats that your immune system has already fought against. Without T-cells, you would never gain immunity to specific threats.

T-cells have extensive memories, circulating until they recognize their coded threat. AHCC® regulates their activity to make sure T-cells identify immune threats, which helps your immune system target specific invaders more efficiently.*

Manages Macrophages*

Macrophages are important for stimulating an inflammatory response when your immune system fights against a threat. AHCC® promotes the optimal activity of macrophages to balance your immune system defenses.* 

Macrophages secrete proteins that signal your immune systems to take proper actions to neutralize health threats. They also get rid of damaged cells, infected tissues, and other harmful substances in your body. As AHCC® manages macrophage activity, your immune system can remain in harmony.*

Increases Dendritic Cell Activity*

AHCC® increases the number of dendritic cells circulating in your immune system.* Dendritic cells work together with T-cells to present health threats that need to be neutralized. Dendritic cells show T-cells important information about the antigen in question.

AHCC® stimulates dendritic cell production and increases the activity of these essential cells.* This increases effective communication within your immune system.

Convenient Immune System Support

It does not have to be time-consuming or difficult to care for your immune system. Healthy practices like frequent handwashing and eating a nutritious diet will help your immune system thrive. AHCC® provides extra boosts for your immune system, especially during seasons of recurring health problems.*

AHCC® Gold and AHCC® Platinum are easy to take and require almost no effort. With just a few capsules of AHCC® supplements a day, you can support your immune system and fight off uncomfortable health symptoms.* Your health is worth the extra defenses that AHCC® provides.*

Backed by Research

Several large research institutions across the world have studied AHCC® products.* Human clinical studies conducted by Ivy League institutions have shown incredible immune benefits when taking AHCC® supplements.* This specialized blend of medicinal mushroom root extract is backed by over 30 trials and extensive research.* 

Research has shown that AHCC® never loses its effectiveness over time.* This means that you can continue to reap the benefits of your immune defense AHCC® supplements as long as you continue to take them.* 

Unlike other immune support supplements, AHCC® does not have diminishing returns for your immune health.*

Quality of Life AHCC® Immune Supplements 

When you invest in your AHCC® Gold or AHCC® Platinum supplements, you invest in your health.* At Quality of Life, we only produce the finest supplements using scientific research-based ingredients from natural sources.* You can trust our premium supplements to improve your health and quality of life.

We want to help you support your immune system health and strengthen its defenses. AHCC® is evidence-based and has shown overwhelmingly positive results in several research studies.* Don’t wait to get a handle on your immune system health. Pick up AHCC® supplements today!

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