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What Is Milk Thistle and How Can It Help with Immune Support?

Milk thistle extract is one of the primary ingredients in our reformulated vitamin C supplement. How can milk thistle boost immunity and detoxification?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how milk thistle extract can help with immune support
  • Find out how milk thistle detoxifies your system and improves your health*
  • Milk thistle is one of the main immune-boosting ingredients in Advasorb® Vitamin C*

Take our Advasorb® Vitamin C supplement made with milk thistle extract for better immune support!*

Table of Contents:

  • Milk Thistle: Traditional Healing Herb
  • How Milk Thistle Supports Your Immune System*
  • Detoxify Your Body
  • Milk Thistle Is Backed by Research*
  • Advasorb® Vitamin C with Milk Thistle Extract
  • Start Taking Our Milk Thistle Extract Supplement for Better Immunity*

Milk Thistle: Traditional Healing Herb

Milk thistle is an herb that originally grew in the Mediterranean region. This plant was brought to America by early colonists and used for its health benefits.*

The seeds of milk thistle contain a compound called silymarin. This compound is an antioxidant that can help with detoxification, immune support, and liver function.* 

Many people today use milk thistle supplements to combat various health problems. We include milk thistle extract in Advasorb® Vitamin C to boost immunity and support your liver’s detox process.*

How Milk Thistle Supports Your Immune System*

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off health threats and foreign particles every day. Sometimes, your immune system needs extra support to keep you healthy and energized. 

Reduces Oxidative Stress*

When your body encounters health threats, your immune cells begin inflammatory responses. These responses can be harmful when they are overactive, causing healthy tissues and cells to stop working properly. 

Overactive inflammatory responses can also lead to oxidative stress in your body. This lowers your immune system’s capacity to heal and repair important cells and tissues. 

Milk thistle extract has antioxidant and inflammatory response management properties.* This means that it can help protect your body from oxidative stress and tissue damage.* 

When you take Advasorb® Vitamin C regularly, the milk thistle extract in this supplement fights free radical damage and supports healthy immune processes.* 

Detoxify Your Body

Milk thistle extract may have detoxification properties that support healthy liver function.* 

Your liver filters the toxins and other harmful substances in your blood. The silymarin derived from milk thistle may prevent toxins from reaching your liver cells, which reduces stress on your liver.* 

Liver function is an important factor in your immune health as well. When your liver can properly process and detoxify your blood, it can catch health threats before they spread throughout your body. 

This effect is why milk thistle extract plays such a large role in supporting your immune health and detoxifying your system.* 

Some common toxins that this extract may help filter out include:

  • Tobacco smoke*
  • Heavy metals*
  • Environmental pollutants*
  • Pesticides*
  • Other harmful chemicals*

These toxins are present nearly everywhere and cannot always be avoided. By taking Advasorb® Vitamin C, you get an appropriate dose of milk thistle extract to help detoxify your blood.* 

Milk Thistle Is Backed by Research*

Several studies on milk thistle have shown positive effects on human immune function, liver function, and oxidative stress states.* 

Research has shown that milk thistle increases levels of important antioxidant enzymes that promote better immune and liver health.* 

Some studies suggest that milk thistle may promote normal blood sugar and lipid levels in people with certain health conditions.* This can help reduce the burden on your body if you deal with frequent blood sugar problems.

Other studies suggest that milk thistle may be able to manage inflammatory responses within your immune system.* This function helps prevent your body from dealing with oxidative stress that can damage healthy cells and tissues.

Milk thistle has been used for many years to support liver, immune, and gallbladder health in certain populations. 

If you want to improve your body’s ability to detox and respond to immune threats, milk thistle is a wonderful supplement ingredient to add to your regimen.* 

Advasorb® Vitamin C with Milk Thistle Extract

Now you know that milk thistle has many potential health benefits.* You might be wondering where to start and how to take milk thistle for optimal health.

Try Advasorb® Vitamin C from Quality of Life today to experience our premium immune-boosting supplement made with milk thistle extract.* 

Health-Boosting Daily Doses*

We formulated Advasorb® Vitamin C with milk thistle extract containing 80% silymarin. Each recommended daily dose of four capsules delivers 1,200 milligrams of milk thistle extract to your system.* 

Human studies have found that taking 1,200 milligrams of milk thistle per day supports detoxification and immune system support.* We have chosen this clinically significant dose to protect your health at maximum capacity.* 

Dual-Action Immune Support*

Both the vitamin C and milk thistle extract in Advasorb® Vitamin C promote better immune resistance and function.* 

We formulated this supplement with a highly bioavailable form of vitamin C to ensure that you reap all of its immune-boosting benefits.* Other vitamin C supplements on the market are poorly absorbed and less effective. 

By taking Advasorb® Vitamin C daily, you can keep your system free of toxins and increase your resistance to health threats.* This is the recommended supplement if you are looking for immune protection and antioxidant action.* 

How to Take Advasorb® Vitamin C

You should take Advasorb® Vitamin C according to the instructions on the bottle for optimal results.* 

Take two capsules with a meal twice per day to get the recommended daily dose of Advasorb® Vitamin C.* This means taking four capsules each day. 

Four capsules contain the following doses of therapeutic ingredients:

  • PureWay-C® Vitamin C: 1,000 milligrams
  • Milk Thistle Extract, 80% Silymarin: 1,200 milligrams
  • Black Pepper Extract for Bioavailability: 3 milligrams

These ingredients work together to keep your immune system in good shape and remove toxins from your system.* 

Advasorb® Vitamin C contains 2,000% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C.* You don’t have to worry about becoming deficient when you take this supplement regularly!*

Start Taking Our Milk Thistle Extract Supplement for Better Immunity*

If you want to support your immune system and liver, start taking Advasorb® Vitamin C formulated with milk thistle extract.* Pick up a bottle for yourself today!

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