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Why our Skin needs a Different kind of Protection this Season

It seemed not so long ago that we were wearing tank tops, flip flops, and sporting tan lines. With the colder months arriving, it’s time to bring out our boots, scarves, and sweaters!


What we do to protect our body from the harsh environment is different with each season, and it’s the same thing when it comes to our skin. Don’t get us wrong; the way we protect and nourish our skin is the same every time, but we do them differs every season.


If you want to make sure your skin remains healthy and beautiful this winter, read below for the five tips you can do for the best skin health this winter.


Invest in a humidifier

A good humidifier can make the difference between having dry skin (and bad coughing fits) and having a fantastic night’s sleep, and waking up to skin that feels supple. At the very least, a humidifier can save you from spending too much on lotion. 


Regardless of the brand of humidifier you buy, what’s important is you keep them where you spend time the most and, if possible, also in your bedroom. 


Yes, you should still use sunscreen

We get it. It’s already winter, we barely get to see the sun, and we’re mostly covered up. 


Why need sunscreen in winter? Well, most people tend to have their face and neck exposed. Some even have their entire arms out in the cold. Because of the colder temperatures, people don’t notice they’re getting sunburnt, and sunburn in the winter can be pretty nasty, especially as skin is always in contact with something.


If you’re not a fan of sunscreen in the winter months, the least you can do is use a moisturizer around the exposed parts of your body. 


Hydrate more

The same concept with winter sunburns, people don’t often notice how hydrated they become while out in the cold. Worst, they end up drinking hot beverages that are anything but “pure” water, making it difficult for the body to remain hydrated. 


If possible, always have a tall glass of water before walking out to ensure you don’t end up with fatigue or even pass out in the cold due to dehydration. It’s better to accidentally pee in your pants or leggings than have nothing to quench your thirst at freezing temperatures.


Don’t shower too hot

Hot water will be all too tempting to use this winter, but here’s a reminder not to go all out on the heater. Remember: it takes a while for you to feel uncomfortably warm, but the skin immediately gets affected. This means while you are enjoying the hot water on your back, the actual skin cells want you to reduce temperatures.


If you shower too hot, you will likely end up with dry or damaged skin in the winter, regardless of the number of moisturizers you apply.


Take skin healthy supplements

Boost your skin health efforts with supplements that can improve skin protection. For this, we recommend:


  • Oligonol, an antioxidant supplement powered by green tea and lychee extract. Lychee and green tea support a healthy inflammatory response, which helps reduce signs of early skin aging.*
  • Juvecol, a specially formulated skin supplement powered by collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate, gives skin improved recovery and reduced damage from skin aging.*



What our skin needs depends on the season and ever-changing weather. However, what remains the same is the need to moisturize, protect the skin from harmful UV rays, and make sure our skin’s nutritional needs are met. You can improve efforts by taking supplements that benefit skin health like Juvecol and Oligonol.*

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