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Advasorb® DHA

Advasorb DHA features two superior forms of DHA: Romega® herring caviar oil and rTG premium fish oil. Both forms have better bioavailability than the ethyl ester form found in most fish oil products, so you get more of what you take DHA for. 


Advasorb® DHA from Quality of Life features Romega® herring caviar oil combined with re-esterified triglycerides (rTG) premium fish oil. Both forms have better bioavailability than the ethyl ester form found in most fish oil products, so you get more of what you take DHA for.

 Together, fast-acting Romega® and rTG premium fish oil create a potent, highly bioavailable source of DHA. Because it’s not how much you take — it’s how much you absorb and utilize!

    • Provides DHA from Romega® herring caviar oil + rTG premium fish oil
    • With fast-acting phospholipid-bound omega 3s
    • Higher bioavailability formula for better efficacy
    • Sustainably produced to ensure healthy fish populations
    • 500 mg DHA plus 50 mg EPA per 2 softgels
    • DHA is essential for brain and eye development*
    • DHA supports neurological function*
    • DHA plays a central role in supporting a healthy inflammation response*
  • If you’re looking to supplement your diet with DHA, you might be tempted to choose the least expensive product out there. All DHA is the same, right? Actually, no! DHA comes in different forms, some more bioavailable than others. (Bioavailability determines how much DHA you absorb and utilize.)

    Most DHA supplements use the ethyl ester form — the least bioavailable kind — because it’s cheaper to manufacture. A better, more bioavailable type of DHA is the triglyceride form. This is what you find in whole, fresh fish. And the Cadillac of DHA is the phospholipid form. This is the kind found in krill oil and herring caviar oil, also known as Romega®. It has 2x the bioavailability of triglyceride-bound DHA.





Romega Herring Caviar Oil is a high-DHA marine oil derived from Norwegian herring roe (fish eggs). It contains DHA bound to phospholipids, which facilitates its speedy entry into the cells. Romega has been shown to quickly and efficiently absorb into the body and incorporate into the brain, eyes, kidneys, and adrenal glands.* In fact, phospholipid-bound DHA has 2x the bioavailability of triglyceride-bound DHA. Best of all, Romega is sustainably produced. The herring used to make Romega are caught off the pristine Norwegian coast from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and the fish meat is used for food.

rTG fish oil

Re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) fish oil provides DHA in triglyceride form — just like it occurs in nature. This means the DHA is attached to a glycerol backbone, the same way it is found in whole, fresh fish. In ethyl ester fish oil, however, the DHA is attached to an ethyl alcohol backbone. Before ethyl ester DHA can be transported in the blood, the body must convert it back to the triglyceride form. This extra conversion step may explain why rTG DHA is 15% more bioavailable than DHA from ethyl esters.

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