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5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids


As per the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” we all know that this month is famous for its heavy showers and rainy days. It can be hard to keep your kids busy when you are limited to indoor activities due to the weather but don’t worry, QOL has some fun ideas for indoor activities and keep your kids happy and busy. 

Check out these 5 activities to do indoors on a rainy day:

  1. Build a fort. Create a fort in your living room! Just take some sofa cushions, pillows, blankets, and a clothes rack – your living room will soon become a magical getaway.
  2. Make a trip to the library. Your local library is a great place to head to on a rainy day. Many libraries run activities for children during the day and you’ll never run out of books to read.
  3. Bring the theatres to you. There’s nothing more relaxing than a movie marathon on a gloomy day. So put on your favorite movie, prepare some healthy snacks, and enjoy!
  4. Have a bake off. Baking is a great way to keep busy. Most kids enjoy baking knowing they will be rewarded with a delicious treat in the end. So bake a pie or some cookies – regardless it will be delicious and will keep your kids busy.
  5. Get crafty. Dig out the glitter, glue, pom-poms, and paper and then get crafting! Crafting is a great way to let kids express themselves. If they don’t know what to make or draw try giving them a topic to get them started.

Of course these are just some of our ideas but feel free to make them your own! Make sure to let us know how you keep the kids busy on a gloomy day. Let us know in the comments below!

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