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7 Tips On How You Can Make The Best New Year’s Resolution This 2021

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Goodbye and good riddance 2020! Well, at least we’re close to it. Like everyone else, we’re sure you just can’t wait to leave this year behind, but not before making our annual New Year’s Resolutions.

For a lot of people, New Year’s Resolutions are merely fun things you kind of want to happen but won’t be actively working on them as much as you thought you would the night you made them. However, just because keeping resolutions is really tough, especially if they’re in any way related to health. But tough is not impossible!

To help you with your resolutions, we made a quick list of tips to help you stay on track throughout the coming year.

1. Keep Your Resolutions Close

There’s a saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” but you want to do the exact opposite for your resolutions. You want to be constantly reminded that you’re supposed to accomplish a small goal today or by the end of this week - a task that would lead to completing the bigger resolution.

2. Help Your Future Self by Removing Distractions

If you’re aiming for weight loss or smoking cessation, the last things you want to keep around you are candy bars and a box of cigarettes. Basically, remove things that would tempt you to give in and give up. The earlier you remove these distractions, the easier it would be for your future self.

3. Set Short-term Goals

Let’s say you’re aiming to lose around 30 lbs of weight throughout the next 365 days. Really attainable in one year, but not in 30 days. If you don’t see the numbers close to 30 (and they shouldn’t), you’d feel like you wasted time and effort, and give up on the resolution.

So, prevent this kind of mental negativity by cutting the goals into smaller pieces. You can still aim for 30 lbs total, but you should reduce it to something like 3 lbs a month. Then, this 3 lbs a month can be further reduced to simple lifestyle changes like including more fiber in your diet (to help suppress appetite) or only eating 1 candy bar a week instead of 3 or more until you work your way out to 0 candy bars.

4. Invest in your body

Investing in your body means buying home exercise equipment, the latest fitness gear, and taking the right supplements and nutrition. Not only will this help you up your health game, but it would also keep you accountable in making sure all the money you spent won’t go to waste.

5. Keep a photo of yourself today

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to keep a healthy resolution is to take a full body photo of yourself today and to compare each week or month as you progress. If you’re doing things right, the photo should motivate you to continue. If you’re doing things wrong, the photo will motivate you to work harder.

6. End Your Day With a Small Achievement

Never let a day go by without checking a few of those short-term goals, no matter how trivial they might be. It can be as simple as walking 5,000 steps, saying no to someone asking you for a smoking break, or simply avoiding an extra pint of beer with your buddies.

7. Progress, Not Perfection

At the end of the day, it’s all about the journey and not the destination. If by this time next year you come up short a few pounds or you haven’t really totally kicked a specific habit, you would have undergone serious improvements in your life from which you can build a solid foundation of health, and it’s only up from there.


New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be impossible or a glorified wish list. They also don’t have to be done overnight or by next month. The idea is you slowly get them done, like a slow climb on a mountain of goals and promises. Before you know it, you’d be at the very top or at least more than halfway. Regardless, what matters is you tried and didn’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do it.

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