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Find Out Why Satisfide is Not Just Any Other Male Supplement


Men and women have different bodies, and this makes them have different needs. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition. This reason is why supplement companies have different lines of supplements that cater to either men or women, each with their specific formulas aimed to fill nutritional gaps in either gender’s diet.

And because of the popularity of gender-based supplementation, the industry naturally wanted to capitalize on this trend, especially with male supplements. The problem now is the market is oversaturated with male supplements that customers are often confused as to what to buy. This is where Satisfide comes in, and this article will show you why Satisfide might just be the perfect Valentine’s gift for any man.

What is Satisfide?

Satisfide is our take on a man’s sexual health needs. It is formulated with natural ingredients designed for men who want to be in the driver’s seat with their satisfaction and sexual health.

What separates Satisfide from other male sexual health supplements? Our formula is focused and natural. These two are rarely seen in the industry, especially with many products overcomplicating their blends with a mix of synthetics, herbs, and controversial ingredients.

Satisfide does not have those problems and you’ll see why below.

What’s inside Satisfide?

Satisfide prides itself in containing only two minerals and one proprietary blend. You may think these are not enough for a good Valentine’s Day moment, but we assure you these were included based on sound science.

  • This mineral might be one of the manliest minerals in the world. Zinc is produced by the body and is stored inside the testes. Several studies found that a deficiency in this mineral can cause or trigger a variety of male sexual health problems, especially with regards to testosterone production and fertility.
  • Copper supplementation is typically unnecessary in most cases, but the body makes use of the pathways that metabolize and absorb copper and zinc. Therefore, copper’s role here is to help balance out the copper you won’t normally absorb because of zinc supplementation.
  • Virilast Proprietary Blend. This blend contains herbs known to help with male sexual health and virility. These are Withania Somnifera, Asparagus adscendens, Shilajit, Curculigo Orchioides, Tribulus terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens, Asteracantha Longifolia.

    Some of the notable ingredients are Withania Somnifera (aka Ashwagandha), an adaptogen or an ingredient taken to reduce stress and linked to higher testosterone content, tribulus terrestris, a popular herb known to boost libido as well as a mood enhancer, and mucuna pruriens, one of the most potent male supplements in the world, with studies saying it helps block enzymes that convert testosterone to other compounds.

What you can expect from Satisfide,

  • It stimulates desire. The ingredients in Satisfide are meant to boost libido and enhance mood.*
  • Boosts performance. Blood flow is essential to men when it comes to getting physical, and the ingredients included make sure no man will ever have problems when it’s time to satisfy a partner.*
  • Increases endurance. The ingredients in Satisfide can improve a man’s endurance in bed, resulting to a happier Valentine’s Day date.*


Valentine’s Day can be tricky. A lot of things can go wrong. But with Satisfide, you can be sure that one thing will go right! Don’t get caught off guard this February 14th, Satisfide is what you need to make sure both you and your partner end the night with smiles on your faces.

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