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4 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we want to shed some light on self-care practices. These simple steps will help you maintain positive mental health all year long.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about Mental Health Awareness Month and what it means for you.
  • Find out how to incorporate easy self-care right in your home to protect your mental health
  • Choose from several QOL supplements that can boost your mood, sleep, and immunity for better mental health.* 

Use Quality of Life supplements to improve your mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month and the rest of the year!*

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Mental Health Awareness Month?
  2. Make an At-Home Spa
  3. Take Supplements for Better Health
  4. Do a Cold Plunge 
  5. Add More Nutrients to Your Grocery List
  6. Protect Your Mental Health This May

What Is Mental Health Awareness Month?

May marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month. Since 1949, the U.S. has observed this month to break the stigma and support those suffering from mental health problems. 

For the month of May, we want to give you some ideas to care for yourself and your mental health at home. 

While these habits may not change everything for you, they can give you peace of mind and relaxation as you work on improving your mental health

Make an At-Home Spa

Self-care can be as simple as taking a hot, relaxing bath. If you want to step it up a bit, consider creating an at-home spa environment for yourself. 

Depending on your budget, this can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. You can easily bring a spa atmosphere to your home by indulging in simple luxuries like face masks, foot baths, and scented scrubs. 

Essential oils are wonderful for setting the mood and relaxing your senses in your at-home spa. You can buy an essential oil diffuser that comes with a simple oil kit that includes the basic oils many people love. 

Other items to include in your spa experience:

  • Eye mask
  • Face steamer
  • Warm towels
  • Serums and creams
  • Bath or shower bombs
  • Fresh plants 

These items will add to the relaxing atmosphere of your home spa. 

Take a spa day whenever you need it — your mental health will thank you later. 

Take Supplements for Better Health

When your physical health is taken care of, your mental health may improve as well. With Quality of Life supplements, you can boost your well-being with a few simple capsules each day.* 

Support Your Immune System: AHCC® Supplements*

AHCC® is a patented ingredient we use in our premium immune health supplements. This potent blend of medicinal mushroom root extracts supports your immune system in all of its most important functions.* 

AHCC® offers the following immune health benefits:

  • Strengthened resistance to immune threats*
  • Improved immune responses*
  • Optimal T-cell activity*
  • Optimal natural killer cell activity*
  • Increased number and activity of dendritic cells*
  • Macrophage management*

These immune functions are key to keeping you healthy and comfortable in your daily life.

We have three AHCC® supplements to choose from, including AHCC® Gold, AHCC® Platinum, and AHCC® RX. You can choose the dose of AHCC® that works best for you, depending on your immune system’s needs. 

Non-Drowsy Stress Relief: Serenelle®

Serenelle® has changed the game for anti-stress supplements. This stress relief supplement alleviates symptoms of stress without making you feel tired or groggy.* 

As Serenelle® balances your stress hormones and relaxes your brain waves, it also boosts your energy.* You’re better able to focus when your stress is under control. 

If you need a quick stress reliever, choose Serenelle® for your mental health.* 

Better Sleep: Melatonin-SR™

Melatonin-SR™ is the superior melatonin supplement on the market.* We formulated this supplement with extended-release melatonin to ensure you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long.* 

Melatonin-SR™ helps you stay in deep, restful sleep for up to seven hours.* This happens after your quick descent into a restful sleep, thanks to a large burst of melatonin released at the beginning of the night.* 

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind. When you miss out on restful sleep, your mental health can suffer badly. 

Take Melatonin-SR™ to sleep through the night and protect your mental health.* 

Positive Mood and Outlook: PureBalance™ Serotonin

Serotonin is the brain chemical associated with feelings of well-being and positivity. When your serotonin levels are low, you tend to feel irritable, sad, and overly hungry. 

PureBalance™ Serotonin may change that for you.* This supplement contains 5-HTP, the chemical building block that produces serotonin in your brain.* 

When you take PureBalance™ Serotonin, it balances your serotonin and cortisol levels, which are involved in stress management and happiness.* It also curbs your appetite to prevent stress-related eating.* 

Serotonin is important for immune health, restful sleep, and a positive outlook on life. Take PureBalance™ Serotonin to boost your mental health and feel better about life.* 

Do a Cold Plunge

Cold exposure is linked to reduced anxiety and feelings of sadness. As research reveals more about cold exposure’s benefits for mental health, people are doing cold plunges all over the world. 

A cold plunge is usually done using an ice bath or other extremely cold body of water. You can even use your shower for cold therapy.

The key is to let your body settle into the feelings of sharp cold and numbness for a while. It will feel shocking at first, but this resets your nervous system and increases your tolerance for stress. 

If you feel overwhelmed and need a mental health break, try some cold exposure to reduce your feelings of anxiety. 

Add More Nutrients to Your Grocery List

Healthy groceries are the foundation for healthy meals. When you buy healthy ingredients, you cook and eat healthier snacks and meals. 

Your mental health relies partially on your diet. Foods with lots of nutrients and antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, can be natural mood boosters. 

If grocery trips are exhausting for you, try getting a subscription for healthy meal boxes or groceries. This brings the convenience of eating healthy right to your doorstep. 

Protect Your Mental Health This May

Use these tips to make Mental Health Awareness Month a relaxing, rejuvenating time for you and your family. Choose QOL supplements to boost your health all year long!*

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