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Oligonol: A key to a higher quality of life beyond our prime

Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age, but no one wants to look the part, right? Unfortunately, permanently retaining a youthful look is not something science has solved yet. 

Wanting to age gracefully and beautifully is perhaps the one thing that everybody in the world can agree on. With everyone wishing to remain as young as they can for as long as possible, the number of products claiming to do just that has grown to a point where the market looks to be saturated.

That's why we want to change things up a bit by introducing Oligonol, one of our top-rated healthy aging products.

You must be thinking, "How will Oligonol compare to other options?"

Unlike many conventional healthy aging brands, oligonol does not rely on synthetic compounds or chemicals that only makes our skin look pretty and young on the surface but are actually harmful to it. Oligonol does away with harmful ingredients and helps retain a youthful look with a potent blend of polyphenols extracted from lychee fruit and green tea leaf extract.

What are Polyphenols?

Polyphe-what?! Yes, you won't be the first one to be taken aback by this rather scientific term. However, just like with many nutrients in our food, you could be getting your daily dose of polyphenols every day without knowing it.

So, what are polyphenols? Polyphenols are simply micronutrients sourced from plants. People regularly get their fill of polyphenols when they consume plant-based foods and fruits, such as green tea and lychee. Of course, you can also get them from supplements in many forms.

Polyphenols are known primarily for their antioxidant benefits, as they have been cited for having protective properties against oxidative stress. Because of their antioxidant nature, polyphenols also hold the potential to be beneficial for skin health.

Healthy Aging with Polyphenols

Green tea, cloves, lychee, berries, and cocoa powder are known to possess healthy aging benefits, and many experts believe it's due to their polyphenol content.

When it comes to healthy skin aging, polyphenols have been cited to help mitigate UV-based skin damage. These micronutrients also work by reducing free-radical damage from both excessive sunlight exposure and environmental pollutants - two factors that heavily contribute to signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots. Basically, polyphenols are amazing compounds that may protect our body from aging too fast because of external factors.

More than just having youthful skin beyond your 50s and 60s, Oligonol could also help with improving our overall health by boosting blood flow. Blood flow is critical for overall health, as only through our blood does our body get all the nutrients it needs. If blood flow is poor, then the transport of nutrients (and subsequently, their metabolism) is hampered.

Lastly, Oligonol can help your body mount a healthy inflammatory response, a factor in many of the nasty things that we experience (and worsen) as we age. Having a healthy inflammatory response is like letting your system relax and conserve energy instead of being alert and stressed out all the time. The less stressed your body becomes, the less likely are you to be afflicted with age-related signs and symptoms.

Common Food Sources of Polyphenols

Oligonol is, first and foremost, sourced from green tea and lychee, so you already know that both foods are good dietary sources. If you want to add more polyphenol through your diet, we also recommend the following three foods.


Cloves are one of the best sources of polyphenols, and if you're fond of Indian cuisine, then you shouldn't be missing out too much. This spice is also one of the key ingredients in our favorite gingerbread baked goods.


Berries have always been good for the human body, and plenty of research states how berries can confer healthy aging properties due to their natural antioxidant properties.

Cocoa powder

On top of being a core ingredient of many tasty, chocolatey treats, cocoa powder also possesses antioxidant properties that could help people age gracefully.


Aging happens to everyone, but we can choose how fast it affects us. Dietary modifications, exercise, and good sleeping habits all contribute to healthy aging. You can amplify their beneficial effects by adding Oligonol as part of your daily supplement routine.

Oligonol can help the body fight off factors that hasten aging while contributing to a higher quality of life beyond your prime.

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