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Powered by Plants – How Satisfide® Delivers Sexual Satisfaction

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Have you noticed that most products aimed at sexual health focus on the needs of only one partner?

Last time we checked, it takes two to tango, so why isn’t there more discussion about how to enhance the experience for both men and women?

When we developed Satisfide®, we decided it was time to put an end to this inequality. We searched for a formulation that would not only help men’s sexual function, but that also increases desire and satisfaction in a way where their partners would benefit as well.

As you might have noticed, here at Quality of Life, we name our products with a purpose. Most of the time, you can tell what something does based on its name or the list of active ingredients.

For example, Virilast®, the key ingredient in Satisfide®, is a play on the word virility. Virility is defined as “the quality of having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive.” And what’s what Virilast® delivers, for both partners.

The secret to Virilast’s® effectiveness lies in the 7 herbs that make up this proprietary and clinically tested formula.

Withania somnifera Root – Commonly known as ashwagandha, this root has a dozen well-documented benefits, including both stress relief and testosterone production. In one study, it also increased sperm count and motility, which has powerful implications for fertility.

Asparagus Root – This natural detoxifier also helps by reducing oxidative stress in parts of the body responsible for sexual function.

Shilajit – A sticky, tar-like substance found in high mountain ranges, shilajit has a long list of benefits, ranging from anti-aging to brain function. It’s also used as a supplement for male sexual health by increasing sperm count.

Curculigo orchioides – While the other ingredients focus on function, the role of curculigo orchioides is purely one of desire. In studies, this ingredient had a positive impact on erections, mating performance, and intercourse frequency.

Tribulus Terrestris – This small leafy plant targets the sex organs and urinary tract.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed – This herb is a natural aphrodisiac and can help stimulate nerve function for enhanced performance.

Asteracantha Longifolia Plant – The properties of this plant have been studied with very interesting results! In one animal study, males who took this seed were deemed more attractive to females! The seed also had a positive impact on sperm levels and the overall weight of the sexual organs, suggesting that there could be a “growth” effect.

Whether you’re getting up there in the years or you’re still a “spring chicken,” almost everyone can benefit from some extra health in the bedroom. Using time-tested and natural ingredients is an excellent place to start as you work to improve your performance and desire.

Have you tried Satisfide® yet? Let us know what you experienced in the comments!

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