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Three Easy Steps to Hosting a Memorable Summer Olympics Viewing Party

Are you excited about the 2021 Olympics? We're now only a few days away from getting to see the world's top athletes compete for pride, honor, and glory.

Since we all can't go and celebrate in Tokyo, we might as well settle for the next best thing, hosting a summer Olympics viewing party! Unlike just watching the Olympics alone, hosting a watch party can be memorable and fun. Plus, you can even have post-match discussions, which can be just as entertaining as the games themselves.

Depending on where you are or your city's restrictions, you can either view them in one room or an ample enough space with adequate ventilation. If not, then you can always go virtual with streaming.

If you think hosting a summer Olympics viewing party is right up your alley but have no idea where to start, read on. 

Set the room

The first thing you must do is get the room set up to make it fun to watch the Olympics. This can be in the form of an Olympic backdrop, a fake Olympic torch, or other props you can use to make your living room feel like an actual Olympic stadium.

For virtual: If you're hosting a virtual watch party, some online streaming apps have cool backgrounds that may fit with an Olympic theme. Some even have fancy emojis or gifs to go along with your virtual streaming.

Stream the channel or website

Stream the event on the biggest monitor you can find. This can be a huge Smart TV or your PC's wide monitor. Alternatively, and if you're streaming outside, you can use a projector to watch the games outdoors. Since the time zone difference will sometimes make it so that it's daytime for you and your friends, this would be the perfect way to host a barbecue party on the side.

Go patriotic with your snacks and beverages

The Olympics is all about supporting your country and the athletes who represent you. So, go all-in with USA flag-themed snacks or fancy red, white, and blue cocktails. If you're not into alcohol, you can always use juice powders or a colorful fruit juice selection.

Host Your Own Games

Don't just watch the Olympics. While you're waiting for the next event to start, host your own Olympic games and be more physically active.

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The Olympics have finally resumed, and hosting an Olympics viewing party is the best time to hang out while also rooting for Team USA. Setting up the room, preparing USA-themed meals and drinks, and watching the game with friends and family is the best way to celebrate!

P.s If you want to get in shape or just have fun with friends and family, running your very own Olympics-like contests and games is a great way to have fun while also getting a good workout.

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