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What Is Immunity Insurance?

During these times, our immunity has never been more critical. Although we try to boost our immune systems with healthy habits from eating right to being more active, there are still plenty of steps that we can take to ensure that we are in tip-top condition all year long. That's why QOL Labs have released their cutting-edge Immunity Insurance Bundle. Composed of the revolutionary Advasorb-Vitamin C, ProbioPure, and AHCC® Kinoko Platinum, the Immunity Insurance Bundle ensures that you are protected against immune challenges throughout the seasons, not just when you feel that a day in bed is coming on.

AHCC® Kinoko Platinum

Recognized as the 'The World's Most Researched Specialty Immune Supplement,' AHCC® Kinoko Platinum is supported by over 30 human clinical trials and is used in over 1,000 medical trials across the world. A highly effective immune modulator, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum, is more commonly known as a biological response modifier that increases the effectiveness of your natural immune response. By utilizing cutting-edge biotechnology, AHCC® significantly increases the activity of certain white blood cells that defends the body against foreign antigens and stimulates the production of strong antibodies.

Specific effects of AHCC® include:
• Natural killer cells are the body's first line of defense. When taking AHCC®, results show a 300% - 800% increase in natural killer cell activity. *
• The secondary immune response, the production of T-cells is increased by up to 200% when taking AHCC®*
• AHCC® increases, or even doubles, the population of macrophages – white blood cells that ingest foreign debris*
• AHCC® stimulates the production of cytokines –cell signaling proteins that send chemical messages to white blood cells and coordinates an immune response.*
• Dendritic cells provide effective defense when internal tissue is exposed to the external environment. When taking AHCC®, the number of dendritic cells is exponentially increased.*

Advasorb-Vitamin C

Vitamin C has often been the routine go-to when battling the latest immune challenge throughout the seasons. However, Advasorb-Vitamin C goes the extra mile. Although Vitamin C can be an effective defense against illness, the intake of other supplements can lead to potential side effects, increased time to become effective, and a pain on your wallet. Advasorb-Vitamin C seeks to eradicate all your issues. Featuring Pureway-C – a ground-breaking vitamin C that outperforms all other forms - Advasorb allows better absorption and high retainment, while still being gentle on your immune system.

Compared to other Vitamin C supplements, Pureway-C is rapidly absorbed much quicker and is retained by the body at levels 233% higher than other forms. Research studies conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that a single oral dose of Pureway-C raised blood levels of Vitamin C higher for 24 hours, in comparison to other forms of the vitamin, leading to increased immune health all year long. With its high bioavailability, detoxification support, immune boosting, and antioxidant production with zero side effects, Advasorb is fast becoming a trailblazer on the Vitamin C market.


For most digestive issues can be a source of embarrassment. From the unsettling rumbles of abdominal discomfort to the less-than-pleasant feelings of constipation and diarrhea, episodic digestive upsets are a common concern. However, the reason for your digestive issues is even more common: a lack of probiotics - or healthy stomach-friendly bacteria.

Enter ProbioPure. Featuring Morinaga BB536- one of the world's most researched and effective probiotic strains and Japan's highest-selling probiotic ingredient, ProbioPure ensures digestive health throughout the year, while still being gentle on your system. Several human clinical trials across the world have shown evidence that BB536 stimulates the body's production of beneficial bacteria, decreases ammonia and putrefactive products in the digestive tract, and provides a natural and gentle defense against several stomach upsets, including gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and the occasional unpleasant episodes of constipation and diarrhea.

Having a strong immune system all year round is what we aim for with our Immunity Insurance Bundle. Everyone has a different reason for protecting their immune health, what do you want to stay healthy for? Share it in the comments!

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