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The best ways to ease your skin concerns

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Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Its primary function is to provide a barrier against environmental pollutants, thermal and physical injury, and other hazardous substances. It also prevents loss of moisture while simultaneously making sure we don't overheat!

It's safe to say the skin does a lot of work, but unfortunately, the skin is also highly prone to damage and other concerns such as dryness, excess oil, sun spots, rashes, and acne, to name a few. Not only do these skin concerns sometimes hurt, but they can negatively impact your appearance, which can affect your self-esteem - ultimately creating a vicious spiral!

If you're experiencing skin problems, especially those that can be easily treated, read on.


Dryness can happen when you're overexposed to the sun or if you're exposed to air that is too dry and hot. Taking hot showers for too long can also make dry skin worse. You should try to minimize the amount of heat exposure your skin has, especially during the summer.

You can also take skin supplements to help combat dryness. Juvecol is an excellent choice because it contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the body's natural lubricant and moisturizer, making it a perfect remedy for dryness.*

Another supplement that can help with dry skin is Advasorb DHA. Advasorb DHA is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and this is the exact type of fatty acid that helps improve skin texture, skin hydration, and elasticity.* 

Oily skin

An easy way to make certain oiliness is managed is by cleansing the face regularly. Facial cleansers are better than regular soap because they moisturize the face while also providing some light scrubbing. Regular soaps also cause dryness, and dryness can also lead to oily skin.

A supplement you can take to combat Oily skin is Advasorb DHA. This can help the body manage its oil secretion by keeping the skin adequately hydrated. After all, the body only secretes oil when it feels that the skin needs to be moisturized, so having naturally moisturized skin should decrease oiliness in the long run.


Sunspots develop when a particular part of the body is regularly exposed to sunlight. While harmless and not often an indicator of a severe health concern, they can cause insecurity, especially if sunspots appear near the face. Studies show that taking astaxanthin, a carotenoid, can help protect the skin against sunburn and sunspots. It does so by reducing melanin synthesis or the body's ability to produce skin pigments. Astaxanthin helps "correct" the abnormal skin pigmentation that causes sunspots.

You can find a high-quality source of astaxanthin in Astaxanthin-SR.


Aging is inevitable, but you don't always have to look your age. You can appear younger by dressing in current fashion and using make-up, yet your skin and wrinkles may hinder your efforts. Fortunately, taking natural supplements can help reduce wrinkles; one of them is Oligonol.

Oligonol is a low-molecular-weight polyphenol with several benefits for aging skin, such as reducing wrinkles. Juvecol can also help with skin wrinkles by improving the body's collagen production. Collagen supplementation has been cited to reduce wrinkles and slow down the signs of skin aging.


The skin serves as our primary protection against the outside world. If our skin is somehow damaged or unhealthy in any way, it will also negatively affect how it does its job. Keep your skin healthy and beautiful by following the skincare tips we listed.

You may also try using skin health supplements such as Juvecol, Oligonol, Astaxanthin-SR, and Advasorb DHA. We designed these products to help the body stay strong and healthy, with ingredients that can also benefit skin health.

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